CSR & Education Projects in India (FY2019)

By CSRBOX On 27 April 2020
CSR & Education Projects in India (FY2019)

An analysis of CSR portfolio of over 600 large companies in India. Over 88% companies invested CSR fund in one or more education projects

Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves and the world. It provides them with knowledge, scientific temperament and necessary life skills, while leading to holistic development of personality. It opens up multiple avenues for a meaningful and sustainable livelihood and provides opportunities to grow individually as well as contribute to the nation’s growth. It’s thus one of the most important social sector which shapes our development landscape. 

Through this report, we bring to you the key insights of the CSR contribution to the education sector in the financial year 2018-19. Our research comprises of analysis across industry types, company types, geography, scale of projects, identifying the key sub-thematic areas, evaluating the performance in aspirational districts and the trends in SDG reporting. We further closely investigate the patterns of CSR expenditure across the key sub-thematic areas of educational infrastructure, edTech, skill development & vocational training, scholarship programmes, girl education. 

The analysis is conducted for 613 companies which contributed to CSR in FY 2019 through around 8501 projects and a consolidated  CSR spent of INR 12143.77 Cr.

Key Highlights

  • In the year 2018-19, 542 companies contributed to the projects in education domain through CSR funding of INR 3127 Cr. 
  • The contribution remains diverse, coming from 37 industrial sectors, being channelized to 2053 projects. 
  • Top 80 companies contributed about 75% of the total CSR funding in education
  • Majority of the projects fall within budget range below INR 1 Cr. 
  • 3 industrial sectors of -  (i) Oil, Drilling, Lubricants & Petroleum, (ii) Computer, Software & IT and  (iii) Banking & Finance, contribute to approximately 51% of the total CSR funding in education
  • Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi were identified as top 5 states receiving the funding, whereas, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal were the top 5 states in terms of number of projects. 
  • Approximately, 54% projects were large scale projects operational in multiple states. 
  • Implementing agencies lead project execution in education sector, followed by direct implementation by corporates
  • 28% projects were implemented through public private partnership
  • Out of the total funding, INR 450.20 Cr. was dedicated towards the aspirational districts.
  • 14% of the total share of CSR funding in education was directed to aspirational districts
  • BSE/NSE listed companies contribute the  highest share of CSR funds (i.e. INR 313.27 Cr.) towards aspirational districts 
  • PSUs contributed highest percentage of funding (i.e. 24% of total CSR expenditure in education) towards education projects in aspirational districts
  • PSUs contributed a 29% share in the total funding flowing to aspirational districts
  • Implementing agencies led the project execution in aspirational districts
  • Power & Heavy engineering, Construction, Contracting & Infrastructure, Computer Software/ IT, Cigarettes and Auto & Auto ancillaries sectors were the flag bearers in SDG reporting for educational projects 

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