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CSR and Nutrition in Rajasthan 2018-19

By CSRBOX, NGOBOX & IMPAct4Nutrition On 12 November 2019
CSR and Nutrition in Rajasthan 2018-19

About the Report

Malnutrition is an important public health problem plaguing India, threatening to affect its economic growth, especially through its intergenerational effects. India is home to nearly half (48%) of the world’s malnourished children. In comparison, Rajasthan has a higher percentage of underweight children at 50.6 per cent while 52 per cent are too small for their age. With respect to wasting, Rajasthan's record with 11.5 per cent is better than the national average. With the ongoing interventions of the ICDS, the percentage of underweight children has come down (4.1 per cent) as also the percentage of severely malnourished children (1.7 per cent).

Thus, eradicating malnutrition requires to be a Jan Andolan as it is not possible for one single sector to tackle the magnitude of the problem by themselves. The Government recognizes the ‘need’ to be a Jan Andolan and the important role the private sector can play into it.

The report ‘CSR and Nutrition in Rajasthan 2019’, presents an overview of CSR spend in nutrition projects by big companies in the financial year 2018-19 in Rajasthan of malnourished and undernourished children.

The report looks at 136 companies’ CSR portfolios along with the CSR priorities and scope for collaborative CSR projects in the state along with a short description of a few flagship CSR initiatives in nutrition.

Here are the criteria for the selection of the companies for this report:

  • Availability of the annual financial data of the company by 31st August- 2019
  • Prescribed CSR above INR 0.50 Cr. in FY 2018-19
  • Reporting of CSR projects as per the Companies Act, 2013
  • At least one CSR project implementation in Rajasthan

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