CSR for Education in Aspirational Districts (FY2019)

By CSRBOX On 17 April 2020
CSR for Education in Aspirational Districts (FY2019)

The 'Transformation of Aspirational Districts' programme aims to remove the heterogeneity in India's development through a mass movement that quickly and effectively transforms these districts. Thus, the programme strategically focuses the development interventions to occur in an accelerated manner in certain geographies which have shown relatively lesser progress in achieveing key social development outcomes. 

The programme invites contributions towards the progress in these regions from various agencies, across 5 key sectors, including Education, which receives about 30% weightage in the assessment.  Our report highlights the CSR contribution towards the educational projects in aspirational districts. The research is based on the study of 87 companies which largely contributed towards these projects in the financial year 2018-19. 

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