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Children in A Digital World

By UNICEF On 11 January 2018
Children in A Digital World

Report Summary:

"Children in A Digital World" a report by UNICEF (For Every child) defines the State of World's Children, 2017. As the influence of the digital technology and especially increase usage of internet the debate about the impact has grown louder. The question is really bigger that is it a boon to humankind or is it a threat to our way of life?

The statistics says that 69% of the children have learned to use technology on their own as it has become an important medium to gain knowledge in 21st century as well as to explore what future may hold? In recent affairs 80% of the young generation rely on smart phones applications to enhance better Education. The technology is playing a central role for the children with disabilities and the best example for it is "wheelchair is visible online." From the interventions like Radios to television to computers and smart phones, the technologies are still becoming faster under digital world and the result is inevitable in Education sector. Children at the age of 4 years learn basics quicker with the help of the technology (smart phones).

Rapid growth is even raising the privacy and safety issues in the current generation. The statistics focuses that 27% of girls are worried about the social violence while using social media. The technology even leads to Aggression and violence, Sexual Abuse, and commercial exploitation which is the major ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related harms. Especially it has been a threat to girl children as girl children are maximum victims of human trafficking, social violence and misuse of the information uploaded on social media. Also the brain of the children gets effected with the more attachment towards online gaming, and results in to suicide cases.

The research on digital literacy by Global Kids Online, UNESCO, and others strongly emphasizes to have 4 abilities in students:

  1. Access and operate in digital environment safely and effectively.
  2. Critically evaluate information.
  3. Communicate safely, responsibly and effectively through digital technology.
  4. Create digital content.

Henceforth, if leveraged in the right way and made universally accessible the digital technology can be an opportunity for the children being left behind to develop skills they need to succeed. But we need to maintain the pace with the rapid changes otherwise the online risks of trafficking, abuse, susceptible to exploitation and more threats can arise.

The steps like faster action, focused investment and greater cooperation should be done in order to protect children from the harms while harnessing the opportunities of digital age to benefit every child.

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