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India Philanthropy Report 2018

By Dasra and Bain & Company On 27 February 2018

Eighth edition of Bain’s India Philanthropy Report in collaboration with Dasra include interviews of 33 Indian donors to understand the behaviors and mindsets that allow givers to move forward in their philanthropic journey. This group includes philanthropists at different stages of their giving journey, mostly involved in entrepreneurial or family ventures. The majority of donors interviewed contribute on average USD 15,000 to 75,000 per annum to philanthropy, with some contributing more than USD 765,000. This spectrum was chosen deliberately to highlight examples that are relatable to givers who are only beginning to think about or practice strategic philanthropy.

In-depth interviews with more than 30 philanthropists’ revealed four key mindsets that, if embraced, can help givers realize their full philanthropic potential.

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