Large Indian companies spent over INR 13000 Cr. on Education CSR projects in past 5 years

By CSRBOX On 01 February 2022
Large Indian companies spent over INR 13000 Cr. on Education CSR projects in past 5 years

CSRBOX presents an in-depth and comprehensive trend analysis of the educational CSR spending of 300 large companies in India from the financial year 2016-17 to 2020-21 and visualizes a few critical curves, trends, and key insights of India’s educational CSR projects’ landscape in India. The report covers:

Our research comprises analysis across industry types, company types, geography, the scale of projects, identifying the critical sub-thematic areas, evaluating the performance in aspirational districts, and the trends in SDG reporting. We further closely investigate the patterns of CSR expenditure across the key sub-thematic areas of educational infrastructure, EdTech, skill development & vocational training, scholarship programmes, girl education. The analysis is conducted for 300 companies in each financial year that contributed to the education sector through a consolidated commitment of INR 13805.05 Cr. from FY16-17 to FY20-21 through a total number of 8010 projects collated by the CSRBOX team through the annual reports and available public domain data.



  • FY19-20 saw the highest spent on education projects of INR 3184.48 Cr.

  • There has been a gradual decrease in the percentage of CSR Spent on education out of the actual total CSR Spent year after year.

  • The maximum number of education projects were implemented in FY 2018-19

  • Oil, Drilling, Lubricants & Petrochemicals; Banking & Finance; Metals, Mining & Mineral; and Computer Software/ IT are some of the heavily investing sectors in education projects.

  • Maharashtra ranks at the top in receiving CSR budget for education across all the financial years’.

  • Partnership with Implementing Agencies remains the most popular mode of implementing educational projects in all the financial years

  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is an emerging area in terms of CSR amount spent and the number of projects implemented within education.

  • Ed-Tech and Educational Infrastructure are two of the emerging areas for investing in educational projects in the coming financial years.

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