Perspectives on Better Education through CSR, in India- CSRBOX

Perspectives on Better Education through CSR, in India

By United Way Mumbai & CSRBOX On 09 October 2018


The education sector in India has evolved substantially over the years. Constitutional commitment guarantees free and compulsory education to all children up to the age of 14. With 200 million children in primary and secondary schools living in over a million habitations across the country, India has a mammoth task of providing quality education to these children. The task is not just achieving the universal education goal but also about ensuring the quality of education. With one of the largest K-12 education systems globally, the Indian education system is replete with enormous challenges and opportunities. These can be evaluated through an assessment of developmental milestones/phases in the education sphere from birth to gainful employment of a person. Each of these milestones/phases requires a study in itself and are too vast to comment upon at one go. Issues such as accessibility, enrolment, quality, retention, quality of teachers, pedagogy, school infrastructure, employability, community readiness and participation etc. provide lenses through which each education milestone/phase can be evaluated, to determine the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

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