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Bajaj Electricals Limited

Last Updated on December 18, 2019


Implementing Partners

  • Centum Foundation
  • Labournet
  • Samvaad Foundation
  • Muktangan Mitra
  • United Way Mumbai
  • Stree Mukti Sanghatana
  • Vivekananda Kendra
  • Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
  • Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust
  • Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation
  • Salaam Bombay Foundation
  • Seva Sahayog
  • National Rural Research and Development Association

Thematic Areas

  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Heritage conservation, Promoting Art, Craft and Culture, Public Libraries
  • Contribution to Central Government Fund

Bajaj Electricals Limited

Rustomjee Aspiree, 6th Floor, Bhanu Shankar Yagnik Marg, Sion East Mumbai- 400022, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sector : Electronics

International Origin : No

Company Type: Exchange Listed (BSE,NSE)


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
2.40 Cr
4.48 Cr
1.95 Cr
2.67 Cr
1.08 Cr
1.56 Cr
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Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2019-20: INR 3.95 Cr

The CSR budget of INR 0.74 Cr from the financial year 2017-18 was carried forward next year (FY 2018-19)

Company’s Statement for unspent in FY 2018-19: The Company could not spend the entire amount because few programs were in a pilot phase and new implementing partners were being identified


About the company

Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL), a globally renowned and trusted company, with a turnover of ₹6,744 crores (FY 18-19), is a part of "Bajaj Group". Bajaj Electricals business is spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers and Power Distribution). Bajaj Electricals has 20 branch offices spread in different parts of the country besides being supported by a chain of distributors, authorised dealers, retail outlets, exclusive showrooms called ‘Bajaj World’ and approximately 500 customer care centres. They also have a presence in premium home appliances and cookware segments with brands like Morphy Richards and Nirlep.

CSR Foundation Description

The Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation:

The Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation was established in 1977, in the memory of Mr. Jamnalal Bajaj, a close associate and adopted fifth son of Mahatma Gandhi. It was inaugurated on 4th November, 1977 by Mr. Morarji Desai, Prime Minister of India. For Shri Morarji Desai, it was a time for remembering the past with fondness and nostalgia. He blessed the Foundation for what it set out to do for the spread of philanthropy and promotion of Gandhian philosophy, values and constructive work.The Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation is also committed to the rural development activities specially in the Wardha district. In addition, the Foundation substantially funds programmes which facilitate economic development, health, hygiene and sanitation, child and adult education, women and child welfare and alternative use of natural resources. Of special significance is the Foundation's financial contribution to widows and children of farmers of the Vidarbha district who have committed suicide.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Mumbai-Maharashtra
Plant/Office Locations: Pune-Maharashtra, Satara-Maharashtra, Mathura-Uttar Pradesh,

CSR projects of the company

Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
Project Budget: INR 0.21 Cr
The Company has contributed some amount of money to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, thereby h....
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Shiksha Vikas - School Community Development Project
Project Budget: INR 0.61 Cr
The Company runs Shiksha-Vikas programme which is a three-year school and community development mode....
More CSR Info >>
Tobacco Control Program
Project Budget: INR 0.06 Cr
The Company intends to assist in eradication of tobacco consumption from the society and for that pu....
More CSR Info >>
Preservation of Art and Culture
Project Budget: INR 0.18 Cr
The Company has reached out to about 300 schools, involving 32000 students through an Art Foundation....
More CSR Info >>
Swachh Bharat Mission
Project Budget: INR 0.18 Cr
The Company has contributed towards Swachh Bharat Kosh to promote Swachh Bharat Mission, thereby has....
More CSR Info >>
Waste Management
Project Budget: INR 0.17 Cr
The Company is working towards zero-waste initiatives within the organisation so as to further the c....
More CSR Info >>
Contribution towards the Environment
Project Budget: INR 0.54 Cr
The Company has contributed towards the Environment by carrying out various activities like planting....
More CSR Info >>
Waste Management
Project Budget: INR 0.06 Cr
In order to promote cleaner and greener India, the company ihas worked towards zero-waste initiative....
More CSR Info >>
Solarised Computer Laboratory
Project Budget: INR 0.16 Cr
The Company has contributed some amount of money in Vivekananda Kendra for solarised computer Labora....
More CSR Info >>
Science of Light
Project Budget: INR 0.04 Cr
Bajaj has started a new initiative "Science of Light" by providing Solar LED Lights to rural people ....
More CSR Info >>
Mission Mangrooves
Project Budget: INR 0.03 Cr
On the occasion of International Day of Mangroves Bajaj Electricals’ has committed to plant 10....
More CSR Info >>
Long Term Sustainable Organic Farming Model
Project Budget: INR 0.04 Cr
The Company has contributed some amount of money to Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust for long term sustainab....
More CSR Info >>
Kedarnath Smriti Van
Project Budget: INR 0.07 Cr
The Company has contributed some amount of money to Grassroots.  The Pan Himalayan Grassroots D....
More CSR Info >>
Jalyukt Shivar
Project Budget: INR 0.05 Cr
The Company has spent some amount of money in Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan, a flagship programme of the s....
More CSR Info >>
Green India Initiatives
Project Budget: INR 0.14 Cr
Company understood the importance of a sustainable environment, and it is inculcated in their system....
More CSR Info >>
Kalanand Art Programme
Project Budget: INR 0.31 Cr
The Company has spent some amount of money in Kalanand Art Contest-I & II.  It is the bigge....
More CSR Info >>
Shiksha Vikas- Bridge the Gap
Project Budget: INR 0.10 Cr
The Company has contributed some amount of money in Shiksha Vikas- Bridge the Gap. Shiksha Vikas is ....
More CSR Info >>
Tobacco Control Programme
Project Budget: INR 0.07 Cr
Company's CSR initiative has an objective to promote "Tobacco Free Work Place and Workforce" by focu....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Arts & Culture
Project Budget: INR 0.28 Cr
Kalanand Art Programme....
More CSR Info >>
Environmental activities
Project Budget: INR 0.42 Cr
Kedarnath Smriti Van Solar Energy Marketing Incubation project Science of Light Workshops (Pilot....
More CSR Info >>
Training and Educational Activities
Project Budget: INR 0.46 Cr
Centum Foundation – Masonry & Electrical works Training for After Sales Repair Technici....
More CSR Info >>
Healthcare Activities
Project Budget: INR 0.19 Cr
Anti-Tobacco rally and activities Chennai Relief Project ....
More CSR Info >>


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