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Pune, Maharashtra
Xilinx India Technology Services Private Limited

Last Updated on February 18, 2019


Implementing Partners

  • CRY
  • Concern India Foundation
  • Udayan Care
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation
  • Association of Rural & Urban Needy (ARUN)
  • My Choices Foundation

Thematic Areas

  • Eradication Hunger, Poverty, Malnutrition
  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Contribution to Central Government Fund

Xilinx India Technology Services Private Limited

Block A, B, C, 8th & 13th floors, Meenakshi Tech Park, Survey No. 39 Gachibowli(V), Seri Lingampally (M), Hyderabad, Telangana

Sector : Electronics

International Origin : Yes United States

Company Type: Private


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
0.92 Cr
0.90 Cr
0.77 Cr
0.77 Cr
0.63 Cr
0.63 Cr
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Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2018-19: INR 1.08 Cr

The Company is always dedicated towards CSR activities and has spent more than the prescribed CSR budget in last three financial years.


About the company

With over 3500 patents and more than 60 industry firsts, Xilinx continue to pioneer new programmable technology putting their customers first. Today Xilinx’s portfolio combines All Programmable devices in the categories of FPGAs, SoCs, and 3DICs, as well as All Programming models, including software-defined development environments. Their products are enabling smart, connected, and differentiated applications driven by 5G Wireless, Embedded Vision, Industrial IoT, and Cloud Computing.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Hyderabad-Telangana
Plant/Office Locations:

CSR projects of the company

Eradicating Poverty, Hunger & Malnutrition
Project Budget: INR 0.26 Cr
Xilinx supported the following three programs through Akshaya Patra to - Serve nutritious mid-day....
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Promoting Education
Project Budget: INR 0.28 Cr
Xilinx’s contribution to Concern India Foundation was directed to the Sri Vidhya’s Cente....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Special Education
Project Budget: INR 0.18 Cr
Xilinx continued funding towards supporting the Rainbow Home program which aims to provide comprehen....
More CSR Info >>
Women Empowerment
Project Budget: INR 0.15 Cr
Xilinx funded My Choice Foundation towards empowering women & measures for reducing inequalities....
More CSR Info >>
Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program
Project Budget: INR 0.04 Cr
Xilinx funded the Udayan Shalini Fellowships program i.e sponsoring education for girls through NGO ....
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HealthCare Initiative
Project Budget: INR 0.20 Cr
Company has contributed some amount of money To serve nutritious mid-day meals to students of Indres....
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Education Initiatives
Project Budget: INR 0.19 Cr
Address issues of inadequate infrastructure that prevents accessibility to schools · Focus on....
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Relief Fund
Project Budget: INR 0.10 Cr
Xilinx funded the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) with the intention to help the....
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