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Terumo India Private Limited

Last Updated on May 16, 2020


Implementing Partners

  • Narayana Hrudalaya Health City
  • Aishwarya Trust

Thematic Areas

  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement

Terumo India Private Limited

Tower B, 16th Floor, Uni tech Cyber Park, Unitech World, Jharsa, Gurgaon, Haryana, India-122001, Gurugram, Haryana

Sector : Healthcare

International Origin : Yes Japan

Company Type: Private


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
0.87 Cr
0.44 Cr
0.16 Cr
0.36 Cr
0.12 Cr
0.17 Cr
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Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2019-20: INR 0.4 Cr


Company’s Statement for unspent in FY 2018-19: Since most of these projects are executed in a dynamic environment, encompassing various stakeholders, Board view in this regard was that we will not disburse funds on projects just to achieve the target. Your Directors are also of the opinion that CSR funds will be spent on projects which are ‘sustainable’ or delivering effective ‘results’ to the society


About the company

TERUMO, founded in 1921, with Corporate Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of medical devices with over 20,000 Associates across the world. Terumo India Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2013 with headquarters based in Gurgaon, NCR Delhi. In India, Terumo has an expanding field force & distribution network including several acclaimed academic programmes. Contributing to Society through Healthcare’ is both Terumo’s starting point and unchanging corporate mission. To fulfil this mission, they strive to respond to India’s health system skill requirements by working continuously in collaboration with our customers and our academic partners to contribute to skill enhancement and patient out-reach through their various CSR initiatives. This also inspires them to relentlessly stay committed to their work – to bring new value to the ever-changing medical settings, and to patients who await vital care. Terumo contributes to society through three business areas – Cardiac and Vascular business, Blood Management business, General hospital business. Each of their Associates are charged with producing innovation not only in product development and production, but also in each of their work processes as well.

CSR Foundation Description

Terumo Life Science Foundation:

The founding purpose of our foundation is to invigorate science and technology in Japan through research subsidization, promotion and education, and support for international exchange as they relate to science and technology in the field of life sciences.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Gurugram-Haryana
Plant/Office Locations: Thiruvananthapuram-Kerala,

CSR projects of the company

Terumo Scholarship Programme
Project Budget: INR 0.15 Cr
The Company has contributed to CSR by contributing to Terumo Scholarship Programme for promoting edu....
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Promoting Preventive Healthcare
Project Budget: INR 0.72 Cr
The Company has contributed to CSR by contributing to Congenital Heart Disease Programme which is a ....
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Congenital Heart Disease Programme
Project Budget: INR 0.06 Cr
The Company has made contribution towards preventive healthcare programme, an initiative to promote ....
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Terumo Scholarship Program
Project Budget: INR 0.10 Cr
The Company is contributing towards education scholarship programs to promote education.....
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