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Ingersoll-Rand (India) Limited

Last Updated on February 7, 2020


Implementing Partners

  • Akshay Patra Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Agastya International Foundation
  • Smile Foundation
  • Naisargik Trust
  • National Skill Development Corporation NSDC
  • Sulabh Sanitation Mission Fund
  • Uththan
  • HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority)
  • United Ways of Bengaluru
  • MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon)
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Thematic Areas

  • Eradication Hunger, Poverty, Malnutrition
  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Environmental Sustainability

Ingersoll-Rand (India) Limited

8th Floor, Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park, 4/1, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru - 562109 Karnataka - India, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Sector : Engineering

International Origin : Yes United States

Company Type: Exchange Listed (BSE,NSE)


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
2.18 Cr
2.18 Cr
1.97 Cr
1.97 Cr
1.88 Cr
1.88 Cr
View all

Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2019-20: INR 2.49 Cr


About the company

Ingersoll Rand (India) Limited was founded in Kolkata in 1921, one of the first American investments in India. In 1958 the company opened a branch office in Ahmedabad and in 1963 the head office was shifted to Mumbai. Ingersoll Rand established its first manufacturing plant in Naroda, Ahmedabad in 1965 and in 1977 became a public limited company. With a major emphasis on ‘Innovation’ to drive ‘Productivity’, the company has had many firsts to its credit. Ingersoll Rand is a pioneer in bringing centrifugal technology into India and started manufacturing CENTACS (Centrifugal Compressors) way back in 1989 when centrifugal technology was hardly known and accepted. In recent times, with the focus shifting to energy efficient compressor technology, Ingersoll Rand launched the award-winning ‘Nirvana’ energy saving rotary compressors. The company continues to bring latest technologies to India and launch localized products keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian market. Not just path-breaking technologies and products, Ingersoll Rand’s key strength is its world class service that it provides to its customers across the country.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Bengaluru-Karnataka
Plant/Office Locations: Ahmedabad-Gujarat, Tamil Nadu,

CSR projects of the company

Supporting Environmental Sustainability
Project Budget: INR 0.28 Cr
Ingersoll Rand’s project with Uthaan is a step towards conserving the environment and sustaina....
More CSR Info >>
Skill Development Project
Project Budget: INR 0.91 Cr
Ingersoll Rand’s CSR philosophy aims to cover the entire lifecycle of their beneficiaries espe....
More CSR Info >>
Mission Education Project
Project Budget: INR 0.07 Cr
In the third year of its partnership, Ingersoll Rand and Smile Foundation have continued to successf....
More CSR Info >>
Mid-day meals to underprivileged children
Project Budget: INR 0.40 Cr
Ingersoll Rand continues to deepen its partnership with Akshaya Patra this year with their school lu....
More CSR Info >>
Mobile Science Lab
Project Budget: INR 0.31 Cr
  The Mobile Science Lab (MSL) is a very powerful and innovative instrument to revolutionize r....
More CSR Info >>
Vocational Skill Training
Project Budget: INR 0.41 Cr
As part of providing livelihood in India, the Company has partnered with National Skill Development ....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Healthcare & Sanitation
Project Budget: INR 0.24 Cr
With this project, the Company aims to educate and develop hygiene habits amongst people and support....
More CSR Info >>
Mid-day Meals to Underprivileged Children
Project Budget: INR 0.78 Cr
The Company continues to fight against hunger, malnutrition through mid-day meal program and promote....
More CSR Info >>
Mission Education Project
Project Budget: INR 0.15 Cr
The project directly benefits children in the age group of 7-11 years studying in grades 3rd and 4th....
More CSR Info >>
Mobile Science Lab
Project Budget: INR 0.31 Cr
Company’s program of spreading science education to government schools with the Agastya Founda....
More CSR Info >>
Mid Day Meal & Disaster Relief
Project Budget: INR 0.86 Cr
Mid-day meals to underprivileged children Vegetable washer & vegetable peeler (Midday meals) ....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Education
Project Budget: INR 1.23 Cr
Mobile Science lab,science center andmega science fair Mission education project- project  d....
More CSR Info >>


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