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Pune, Maharashtra
JSW Steel Ltd

Last Updated on October 26, 2018


Implementing Partners

  • Direct Implementation

Thematic Areas

  • Eradication Hunger, Poverty, Malnutrition
  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Gender, Equality and Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens Care
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Heritage conservation, Promoting Art, Craft and Culture, Public Libraries
  • Promoting national and rural sports, Paralympic, Olympic sports
  • Technology incubation (Central Government)
  • Rural Development

JSW Steel Ltd

JSW Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai Maharashtra 400051, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sector : Steel

International Origin : No

Company Type: Exchange Listed (BSE,NSE)


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
53.00 Cr
35.00 Cr
42.94 Cr
36.75 Cr
51.36 Cr
51.22 Cr
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Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2018-19: INR 46.44 Cr

The Company is always dedicated towards CSR activities and has spent more than the prescribed CSR budget in last four financial years.


About The Company

JSW Steel Ltd. is an Indian steel company owned by the JSW Group based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. JSW Steel, after merger of ISPAT steel, has become India's largest private sector steel company with an installed capacity of 14.3 MTPA. As part of the US $18 billion O. P. Jindal Group, JSW Group has diversified interests in steel, energy, minerals and mining, infrastructure, cement and information technology. JSW's history can be traced back to 1982, when the Jindal Group acquired Piramal Steel Limited, which operated a mini steel mill at Tarapur in Maharashtra and renamed it as Jindal Iron and Steel Company (JISCO).

CSR Foundation Description

JSW Foundation

 JSW Foundation is an integral part of the JSW Group and is the social development division of the Group. It is an independent institution which is governed by the Board of Trustees drawn from the senior management of the Group. The role of JSW Foundation is realigned with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and hence it will facilitate the JSW Group companies to formulate their CSR policies, understand projects that subscribe to guidance based under the schedule VII of the act, assess NGO partnerships and discuss strategies to supplement and complement government programs. The Group’s CSR and sustainability is in constant pursuit to make life better for communities with its various initiatives in the fields of health, education, livelihood and sports along with art and culture.



Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Mumbai-Maharashtra
Plant/Office Locations: Karnataka, Thane-Maharashtra, Mumbai-Maharashtra, Salem-Tamil Nadu,

CSR Projects of the Company

Promoting Sanitation
Project Budget: INR 3.00 Cr
The company has contributed some amount of money for building school toilets and community toilets....
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Rural Development Projects
Project Budget: INR 6.00 Cr
JSW Steel carried out many projects which were centred on rural development. JSW Steel constructed c....
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Sports Training
Project Budget: INR 5.00 Cr
JSW Foundation engages the youth through sports. Some of the programs include The Foundation thro....
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Preservation of National Heritage
Project Budget: INR 1.00 Cr
JSW Steel carried out many projects which were centred on preserving national heritage. Following is....
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Addressing Environmental Issues
Project Budget: INR 1.00 Cr
At JSW foundation, they believe that water, environment & sanitation concerns are of the utmost ....
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Addressing Social Inequalitie
Project Budget: INR 1.00 Cr
JSW Foundation is facilitating programs to bring women into the socioeconomic mainstream of the nati....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Social Development
Project Budget: INR 17.00 Cr
JSW Steel carried out many projects which were related to promoting Social Development. Following is....
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Improving Living Conditions
Project Budget: INR 16.00 Cr
JSW Steel carried out many projects which were related to improving living conditions. Following is ....
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Rural Development projects
Project Budget: INR 7.80 Cr
Construction of Community Halls, Village roads, bus shelters etc.....
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IIT Bombay, Research Project
Project Budget: INR 0.71 Cr
IIT B- Monash Research Academy The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) and Monash Univers....
More CSR Info >>
Sports Training
Project Budget: INR 4.53 Cr
  Sports Excellence Programs,Domestic/ International Training/ Medical Support Sports Excell....
More CSR Info >>
School Infrastructure Support
Project Budget: INR 15.65 Cr
School Infrastructure development and Enhancment of quality education: Nehru Science Centre Lecture ....
More CSR Info >>
Construction of Toilets
Project Budget: INR 6.20 Cr
Watershed Management, Conservation of Natural Resources, Tree Plantation, School Sanitation Program,....
More CSR Info >>
Malnourishment Projects
Project Budget: INR 11.89 Cr
Malnourishment projects, Mid-day meals, Leprosy project, General Health & Cataract camps, Drinki....
More CSR Info >>
Social Inequalities
Project Budget: INR 0.96 Cr
The key initiatives of the project  include: >Skill Building (Vocational skills and emplo....
More CSR Info >>
Improving Living Conditions
Project Budget: INR 14.63 Cr
Living Conditions are improved through: >Soil and water conservation practices, enhancement of....
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Preserving Natural Heritage
Project Budget: INR 0.83 Cr
 JSW steel group has set up Kaladham (Art Village) on a 10-acre plot within the JSW Township ....
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Promote Sports Training
Project Budget: INR 1.73 Cr
The JSW has established many sport institutions Jindal Squash Academy, Jindal Badminton Academy, J....
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Social Development
Project Budget: INR 13.84 Cr
The company aims to achieve social development initiatives: >Improving the infrastructure of l....
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