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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Navneet Education Limited

Last Updated on March 13, 2019


Implementing Partners

  • SOS Children's Villages India
  • YUVA Unstoppable
  • Lions Club
  • Navneet Foundation
  • Manav Jyot Public Charitable Trust
  • Shri K.V.O Jain Manav Kalyan Kendra
  • Shree Kutchi Visha Oswal Seva Samaj
  • Shree Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust
  • Bhansali Trust
  • Foundation For Promotion Of Sports And Game
  • Shri Vivekananda Research and Training Institute
  • Gitaben Rambhiya Smruti Ahinsa Trust
  • Kutch Yuvak Sangh
  • Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust
  • Sheth Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Fund
  • Vardhman Sanskar Dham
  • Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief & Care Trust
  • Matru Vandana
  • Shri Kutch Rayan Jain Mitra Mandal
  • Vidyarthi Nidhi
  • Tarun Mitra Mandal

Thematic Areas

  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Gender, Equality and Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens Care
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Promoting national and rural sports, Paralympic, Olympic sports
  • Rural Development
  • Contribution to Central Government Fund

Navneet Education Limited

Navneet Bhavan, Bhavani Shankar Road, Dadar (W). Mumbai – 400 028, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sector : Printing Stationery

International Origin : No

Company Type: Exchange Listed (BSE,NSE)


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
4.35 Cr
4.27 Cr
4.15 Cr
3.77 Cr
3.60 Cr
3.58 Cr
View all

Financial Insights

Estimated Prescribed CSR Budget FY 2018 - 2019:  INR 4.5 Cr

The Company is always dedicated towards CSR activities and has spent more than the prescribed CSR budget in last three financial years.


About The Company

Navneet Education Limited – founded by the Gala Family- is an educational syllabus based content provider in print & digital medium, manufacturer of scholastic Paper stationery, publisher of general & children books and also has a wide range of Scholastic Non-Paper Stationary products.

Over the years, the company has built a strong brand in Educational Content  & Scholastic Stationery gaining a leadership position. Since 1959, Navneet has been a major force in the dissemination of knowledge as since then it has published more than 5,000 titles in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and other Indian and Foreign Languages, making it one of the most dominant players in the field of publishing.

Over the decades, Navneet has emerged as the preferred brand for Educational Products among teachers and students in India. Its products are sold under the brands ‘Navneet’, ‘TOP Class’, ‘TOP Scorer’, ‘Vikas’, ‘Gala’, ‘Grafalco’, ‘FfUuNn’ and ‘Boss’. Navneet’s educational syllabus based supplementary books are Digests (Guide), Workbooks, and 21 Most Likely Question Sets, most of which are published in five languages – English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, and Urdu. The company has a dominant market share of about 65% in Western India. And, with a new range of supplementary books for students of CBSE and ICSE Boards, its educational products are now available across India.

CSR Foundation Description

Navneet Foundation

Navneet Foundation was formally incorporated in January 2013. We have touched millions of lives through our philanthropic endeavors in fields of Education, Health Care, Disaster Relief, Animal Welfare, and Affordable Housing. avneet Foundation believes that giving back to the society is the best form of service.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Mumbai-Maharashtra
Plant/Office Locations: Gujarat, Thane-Maharashtra, Gujarat, Silvassa-Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Mahesana-Gujarat,

CSR Projects of the Company

Women Empowerment
Project Budget: INR 0.13 Cr
The Company has contribuuted towards women empowerment initiatives.....
More CSR Info >>
Identifying sports talent
Project Budget: INR 0.50 Cr
The Company has contributed towards identifying sports talent and grooming talented sports persons.....
More CSR Info >>
Nutrient support program & Promoting Housing facilities
Project Budget: INR 0.73 Cr
The Company has invested in food and nutritional support initiatives. The company has contributed to....
More CSR Info >>
Protection and Care of Cows
Project Budget: INR 0.21 Cr
The Company has contributed towards protection of cows for promoting animal welfare. ....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Preventive Healthcare
Project Budget: INR 1.22 Cr
The Company has spent some money towards promoting healthcare activities. ....
More CSR Info >>
Educational Support to Deserving Students
Project Budget: INR 1.55 Cr
The Company has contributed some money for providing educational support to deserving students. The ....
More CSR Info >>
Support to Flood Affected people in Bihar
Project Budget: INR 0.05 Cr
Last year, the state of Bihar bore the brunt of floods. As with every natural calamity in the past, ....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Sports Activties
Project Budget: INR 0.18 Cr
The Company is grooming a promising Table Tennis player, Diya Chitale. She is the upcoming star of I....
More CSR Info >>
Animal Welfare & Watershed Development
Project Budget: INR 0.71 Cr
The Company recognized the right of existence of every animal on this planet. The Company supported ....
More CSR Info >>
Women Empowerment & Old Age Homes
Project Budget: INR 0.48 Cr
Company has contributed some amount of money in women empowerment activities and setting up old age ....
More CSR Info >>
Education & Livelihood Projects
Project Budget: INR 1.10 Cr
The Company commissioned a pilot project to improve the learning outcomes of school students at gove....
More CSR Info >>
Promoting Healthcare and Food & Nutrition Support Programs
Project Budget: INR 1.62 Cr
The Company has taken up the responsibility of helping  patients by establishing hospitals in M....
More CSR Info >>
Healthcare Activities
Project Budget: INR 0.45 Cr
Pomoting Preventive Healthcare....
More CSR Info >>
Sports Activities
Project Budget: INR 0.30 Cr
Promotion of Local and nationally recognized sports through sports competitions....
More CSR Info >>
Educational Activities
Project Budget: INR 0.75 Cr
Educational support to deserving students Provision of hostel facilities for tribal girl students....
More CSR Info >>
Reducing inequalities in Communuty
Project Budget: INR 1.80 Cr
Affordable housing for under previleged families Tribal development projects ....
More CSR Info >>


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