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Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited

Mumbai suburban, Maharashtra
Adama India Private Limited

Last Updated on October 18, 2021


Implementing Partners

  • Direct Implementation
  • Athidi Social Service society
  • Telangana CM Relief Fund for COVID19
  • AP CM Relief Fund for COVID19
  • Datri Blood Stem Cell Donors
  • Asmita Vikas Kendra
  • Army Central Welfare Fund

Thematic Areas

  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Armed Forces Veteran Welfare
  • Contribution to Central Government Fund

Adama India Private Limited

Plot No: DS -13, IKP Knowledge Park, Sy. No. 542/2, Genome Valley, Turkapally, Shameerpet, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad, Telangana

Sector : Agro Chemicals

International Origin : Yes Israel

Company Type: Private


CSR Financial Details (INR Cr.)

Actual CSR
Prescribed CSR
0.82 Cr
1.40 Cr
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About the company

ADAMA India Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions, supplying efficient solutions to farmers across the full farming value-chain.The name Adama is Hebrew for 'earth', the essential element of farming. Their strong connection to the land represents our commitment to agriculture as well as our down to earth, practical approach and culture. The mission of the company was to get as close as possible to the farmers, understand their requirements and provide the best crop protection solutions to them. To meet this purpose the company decided to adopt the innovative, down to earth strategy of eliminating the distributors channel and directly approaching the retailers.


Headquarter and Plant/Office Locations

Headquarter: Hyderabad-Telangana
Plant/Office Locations:

CSR projects of the company

Education Promotion
Project Budget: INR 0.24 Cr
The company contribued to CSR towards Donation for educational activities and notebooks for school c....
More CSR Info >>
COVID 19 Donation
Project Budget: INR 0.10 Cr
The company contribued to CSR towards Donation to Telangana CM Relief Fund and AP CM Relief Fund for....
More CSR Info >>
Healthcare Promotion
Project Budget: INR 0.10 Cr
The company contributed to CSR towards Treatment for blood disorders like Leukaemia through blood st....
More CSR Info >>
PWD Education Promotion
Project Budget: INR 0.12 Cr
The company contributed to CSR towards providing education expenses for mentally challenged children....
More CSR Info >>
Farmer Safety Program
Project Budget: INR 0.03 Cr
The company contribued to CSR towards farmer support program by providing Safety Kit for Farmers for....
More CSR Info >>
Armed Forces Support
Project Budget: INR 0.17 Cr
The company contributed to CSR towards armed forces support and veterans, war widows and dependents.....
More CSR Info >>
Drinking Water Program
Project Budget: INR 0.04 Cr
The company contributed to CSR towards Water purifier and RO Water plant.....
More CSR Info >>


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