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New Delhi
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Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Last Updated on July 29, 2019

Operation in state

  • Pan India

Thematic Areas

  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Education and Employment
  • Technology

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Next Education India Pvt Ltd

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Established In 2007

Sri Nilaya Cyber Spazio, 1st Floor , East Wing Road No. 2, Near Annapurna Studios,Banjara Hills, , Hyderabad , Telangana , 500034

About the organization

Founded in the year 2007, Next Education is an optimal education solutions provider for all K-12 stakeholders. Touching the lives of 12,000,000+ students and 240,000+ teachers across 12,000+ schools, our solutions are designed to serve multiple purposes in both academic and administrative domains. Ranging from academic solutions, such as TeachNext, a digital classroom solution NextBooks – a complete textbook series to administrative solutions, such as NextERP, a cloud-based school management system, Next Education is an end-to-end education solutions provider. Our products are intended to meet all the academic needs of a learner and make quality education affordable and accessible to every child. We believe in partnerships with our employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the ecosystem over a range of experiences. 

Our well-designed end-to-end solutions have enabled us to become one of the top education solutions providers in India and the Middle East.

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Special features of the organization

Driving Forces Behind our Products



Next Education believes that scalable, sustainable and personalised education for every child is possible only by leveraging technology. Thus, technology is integrated into every product and solution we create. Our simple, user-friendly and uncomplicated interfaces usher modernity in schools.


In today’s digital world, it has become imperative to create captivating, interactive and engaging content. We, at Next Education, therefore, attempt to make learning a joyful and meaningful experience at every step. Our comprehensive content is aligned with the NCF guidelines, available in both print and digital platforms, meeting the diverse needs of students and educators.


We provide stabilisers and MCBs to protect our systems from voltage fluctuation, thereby prolonging the life of the systems and minimising error rates by 20%. Furthermore, we conduct annual preventive maintenance checks to provide our partner schools with the best user experience.

Service & Support

Our products and solutions are not complete without the ceaseless efforts of our in-house service and support teams, both online and on-the-field. A wide network of servicing hubs across the country ensures that no matter how remote a partner school is, one of our 900 experts is always close by.


Why should a corporate partner with organization?

Twelve years ago, we had envisaged a time in the not-too-distant future when quality education would be within the reach of every child. Steadfast in meeting this commitment, we realised that to produce great academic results, one must first fulfill the administrative needs of the K–12 sector. Therefore, we ventured to provide a 360 degree academic and administrative support to our customer schools. 


  • A good cause: Next Education India Private Limited was established with the motto of making quality education accessible to every child in India. It was never just a money-making platform for the founders. Hence, by sponsoring the organisation, one not only benefits the business but also becomes a part of the journey of making the education spectrum a better space altogether.

  • Responsibility for a better tomorrow: New technology removes structural blocks and brings in advancements, such as adaptive learning, flipped classrooms, online textbooks repository, rapid content authoring systems, etc. Next Education is playing an important role in introducing the next-gen academic solutions to the students. Collaborating with us will provide corporates with the opportunity to act on their corporate social responsibility as well.

  • Better branding: Our development programmes are not only confined to students, but they are widespread amongst facilitators, principals and school administrators too. Moreover, we regularly organise workshops to make our academic stakeholders aware of our solutions and the Next Education brand. Once sponsors collaborate with us, their brands also get promoted in the workshops and seminars.

  • Revenue: Better branding leads to greater revenue generation. Next Education India Private Limited always ensures good branding for their products and solutions. The approach is no different for our corporate partners. A thorough branding of our corporate partners can facilitate greater revenue generation for them as well.


Chief Functionary

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Manmohan Lalwani
Designation :  
VP - Sales
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General Manager - CSR
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CSR projects of organization

Teach Next (Digital Classroom For Schools)
Project Type: CSR
 In recognition of its role as a ‘responsible leader’, ONGC caters to the developme....
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