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Curiosity Gym Educational Foundation

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Operation in state

  • Pan India

Thematic Areas

  • Community Development
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Education and Employment

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • Company Registration Certificate

Curiosity Gym Educational Foundation

Under Review

Established In 2023


About the organization

Curiosity Gym Education Foundation (CGEF) is on a mission to provide comprehensive skill-based education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields for underprivileged school students. Introducing STEM education to students at the school level can broaden their understanding of the opportunities available to them and cultivate their interest in these fields. In addition, it can potentially decrease the rate of students leaving school early and foster the development of crucial 21st-century skills among learners.

Our Vision: Empowering the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers to be future-ready by increasing their innate curiosity


Our Mission: Bringing STEM through experiential learning to low-income schools, training educators, empowering students to showcase their skills, and providing support towards narrowing the digital divide\

We provide multiple solutions for implementing STEM 


  1. Robotics/STEM Lab
  2. DIY STEM Books with Kits 
  3. TabLab for STEM curriculum 

Social Impact Report 

Curiosity Gym Innovation Hub - Transforming Education at Meghalaya

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Special features of the organization

Our organization is dedicated to facilitating partnerships between sponsors and deserving schools with the primary mission of raising funds for implementation. We are committed to providing educational support in several key areas:

STEM Education: Our goal is to introduce STEM experiential learning to low-income schools, aligning with the NEP 2020's vision for hands-on classroom learning.

STEM Lab Setup: We setup STEM labs, provide all the kits and equipment to develop new age skills among learners, like 3D printer, Robotics kIts, DIY STEM kits, Electronics Kits etc

Educator Training: We offer training programs to educators in skill-based subjects such as Coding, AI, Robotics, and Arduino Electronics. This equips them to effectively implement the revised STEM curriculum outlined in NEP 2020. 

Annual Weekly Remote Support: We provide remote support for teachers and students to solve their queries and track their progress

Student Empowerment: We empower students to create portfolios highlighting their skills, accomplishments, and achievements, opening doors to future educational and career opportunities.

Digital Learning Platform: We provide a comprehensive digital learning platform (LMS) that covers STEM topics from Grades 3 to 12. We are also working to expand our offerings to other regional languages.

Curriculum Alignment: Our curriculum aligns with NCERT/ICSE or State Board standards, ensuring that the content is grade and age-appropriate and create an experiential learning environment in classrooms

Diverse Lesson Plans: Our platform provides interactive lesson plans, assessments with instant feedback, activities, notes, and hands-on activities, creating an all-encompassing learning experience.

Inclusivity and Affordability: We prioritize simplicity and affordability in our solutions, aiming to make digital learning accessible to teachers and students in schools and at home, promoting inclusion even in marginalized communities.

Compatibility Across Devices: Our platform is compatible with multiple devices, including tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, ensuring that students and educators can access learning materials conveniently from the devices they have access to.


Why should a corporate partner with organization?

Seamless Implementation: Our STEM programs are designed for easy integration into school curricula, ensuring a smooth and straightforward adoption process, without disrupting existing educational activities.

Impact Assessment Tool: We offer a comprehensive tool that allows schools to precisely measure the impact of our initiatives, providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement across multiple school locations.

Community Engagement: Our programs extend beyond students and actively involve various stakeholders within the school community, including parents, college students, and teachers. This fosters a collaborative environment that supports holistic education.

Employee Engagement: Corporates partnering with us can offer their employees meaningful engagement opportunities within our programs. Employees can participate at various levels, gaining valuable tech skills while contributing to educational initiatives and aligning with corporate social responsibility goals.

Long-Term Impact: By emphasizing digital skills development, our programs ensure the sustained growth and preparedness of future leaders who are equipped to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world, fostering lasting positive changes in communities.

Platform Compatibility: Our digital platforms and solutions are highly adaptable, functioning seamlessly across a wide range of devices, including mobiles, tablets, smart boards, desktops, laptops, and notebooks. This versatility ensures accessibility and usability for all students and educators, regardless of their preferred technology.


Chief Functionary

Name :  
Bhagyashree Chemate
Designation :  
Sr. Program Manager
Email :  


Name :  
Girish Nair
Designation :  
Director and Founder
Email 1 :  
Phone :  

Project Detail of Organization

Transforming Education: Supporting STEM at Immanuel Mar Thoma School
Project Type: CSR
The Curiosity Gym Educational Foundation (CGEF) has established a cutting-edge STEM lab at Immanuel ....
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Transforming Education at Meghalaya - Innovation Hub at Sohrarim Community Center
Project Type: Donor funded
Curiosity Gym (Our Parent Organization) is dedicated to uplifting rural communities through educatio....
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