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Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation

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Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

Last Updated on December 10, 2021

Operation in state

  • Madhya Pradesh

Thematic Areas

  • Agriculture,food and nutrition
  • Bio-diversity and Wildlife
  • Community Development
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Disability or specially-abled related
  • Disaster Management
  • Education and Employment
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Healthcare
  • Livelihoods
  • Orphanages
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Women and Gender

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • FCRA (Eligible for international funding)

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

Under Review

Established In 1959

Registration No. :CSR00006101

Ramakrishna Puri, Thatipur , Gwalior , Madhya Pradesh , 474011

About the organization

The Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Gwalior, organization started in a humble way registered in the 1959. The Central Office Building Inaugurated by Late Shri Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan then president of India, on 11th December 1964 as an NGO.We serve the society through formal school education from Play Group upto class XII. We have two schools which are Ramakrishna Mission (CBSE) & Ramakrishna Mission (MPBSE),Sharada Balgram - Student Home (for under privileged students),Rakhal Gaushala - Animal Husbandry, Dairy Based Skill Development Unit, Hydroponic Unit,Swami Vivekananda : Ayush Dispensary,Roshni Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (Rehabilitation Center for Cerebral Palsy children), Sharada Naad Mandir Sangeet Mahavidyalala, Swami Vivekananda Public Library, Organic Farming, Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability,  Plantation.

Motto: ‘For one’s own salvation and for the welfare of the world’, formulated by Swami Vivekananda.

Vision: It has three characteristics: it is modern in the sense that the ancient wisdom have been expressed in the modern idiom; it is universal, that is, it is meant for the whole humanity; it is practical in the sense that its principles can be applied in day-to-day life to solve the problems of life.

Objective:Service to Man is Service to God, All work is sacred, Work as worship, Focus on service to the poor and the downtrodden.

The erstwhile Ramakrishna Ashram, Gwalior was a NGO registered on 28th September 1961, underMadhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act 1959.On 1st November 2016 Ramakrishna Ashram Gwalior has been officially merged in Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math, Howrah, Kolkata, West Bengal with new name as Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama.As the infrastructure is becoming obsolete (40+ yrs) we are exploring donations for almost all the departments as mentioned above. Hence the need to register on benevity.org. Please help us to register for all the causes collectively under the name Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Gwalior, M.P. India.


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Special features of the organization

  • The Engineering fields, Vice-Chancellors, Monks of the Ramakrishna Mission and many otherdignitaries enlighten the students towards right understanding and implementation of Swamiji’s bold and strong ideas. They shed light on different aspects of the great one’s life and message like Vivekananda’s concepts on Education, Science and Technology, Service,Nation-building, Youth, Human Development and so on. Thus, inspirations run along varying channels and mold the student community according to one’s unique tendencies but always in a positive direction.
  • Swami Vivekananda has emphasized on service to country men as the chief means for character building. The Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Ideal of Service is Service to man as service to God.
  • The young students are given a taste of the bliss involved in selfless service and its efficacy in elevating oneself. During the Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan the students are given a chance to serve the ‘Living-God’ as manifested in the form citizens around us.
  • The students are often assigned responsibilities for conducting different cultural programmes, preparing wall magazines or poster presentations or exhibitions etc. This arouses the self-confidence of the students and molds them as leaders for future. Discourses on various spiritual topics are arranged in the Universal Temple of the main campus. The birthdays of luminaries of different religions are celebrated with equal sanctity and devotion. These include the birthday celebrations of Lord Buddha, Shri Krishna, Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Ramakrishna, Shri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and many others. The students have full access to these discussions and to learn about the ennobling features in the lives and teaching of these great ones.
  • On the other side since the organisation emphasizes the harmony of all religions, Universal brotherhood and reverence towards Teachers of every Religion, hence the spirit of a spiritual Oneness amidst diverse courses of each religion is inculcated among the youth for a much more all-inclusive feeling to develop. This feature is very much pertinent when separatist ideas still create strife among men.
  • Every day during the prayer the Principal Swamiji motivate students by sharing thought provoking incidences with the students. One of the rare opportunities which the students enjoy is the close contact with the monastic members who try to help them build a strong foundation for their character building.
  • Often the students come up with several psycho-social complications and seek solutions from the monastic members and teachers. The monks too keep a caring vigilance over the students and guide them in path of righteousness. Some of the students have received spiritual instructions from the President or Vice-Presidents of the Ramakrishna Mission and engage themselves in regular meditation.
  • The school library has books on Value Education, Personality Development and Swami Vivekananda; monthly journals on spiritual culture brought out by the Ramakrishna Mission like Prabuddha Bharata, Vedanta-Kesari etc.; e-books, CDs and DVDs on Personality Development, Education, Spiritual development etc. for giving the students easy access to the rich heritage and the legacy which they bear.
  • All the cultural programmes held in the school have a goal to invigorate the urge for becoming better, enlightened human beings.
  • Festivals like Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, etc. held in the Temple adjacent to the school and the main campus, introduce the students to the rich and deep spiritual heritage of India.

Why should a corporate partner with organization?

On 1st November 2016 the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Gwalior (earlier Ramakrishna Ashram Gwalior established in 1959) became an official branch of around 120+ years old worldwide Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Kolkata, W.B. The parent organization is catering 2.6 Lakhs students through its 150 centers across the globe, imparting man making character building and leadership training education.After taking over this organization in 2016, we found the developmental and infrastructural upgradation gaps to be addressed in almost all the departments of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Gwalior.

The school tuition fees are the only source of revenue which is very meager to cope with the developmental and infrastructure upgradation needs. Hence the need for help from Corporate Partners to improve the facilities.In Sharada Balgram, Rakhal Gir Gaushala we don’t have any revenue to sustain. The SC, ST, OBC, EBC (100 boys and 50 girls) students are getting free lodging, boarding and educational facilities which need a huge revenue for recurring expenses. We expect generous corporate donors to help us to help others. 

The Ramakrishna Mission is known for their quality services and meticulous use of the funds from donors.Only 5 years ago we got complete management in our hands. To address various educational, disaster management, animal husbandry, daily meals and daily needs we seek donations from the Corporate Partners.


Chief Functionary

Name :  
Swami Supradiptananda
Designation :  
Email :  


Name :  
Swami Supradiptananda
Designation :  
Email 1 :  
Phone :  

Project Detail of Organization

Ramakrishna Mission CBSE, Ramakrishna Puri Thatipur Gwalior.
Project Type: CSR
We have two schools which are: Ramakrishna Mission (CBSE) & Ramakrishna Mission (MPBSE). Educ....
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