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CRISIL Foundation

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Operation in state

  • Assam
  • Gujarat
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana
  • Uttarakhand
  • West Bengal

Thematic Areas

  • Agriculture,food and nutrition
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Community Development
  • Disaster Management
  • Education and Employment
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Microfinance
  • Women and Gender

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)

CRISIL Foundation

Verified Organization

Established In 2013

Central Avenue, Hiranandani Business Park , Powai , Mumbai , Maharashtra , 400076

About the organization

CRISIL Foundation

CRISIL Foundation started small, with a proof of concept for a financial inclusion programme in Assam and Rajasthan (a few years before the enactment of Section 135 of the Companies Act). As they tested the waters, got involved at the grassroots, and undertook extensive field work, they improvised their maiden programme - Mein Pragati - to reach out to excluded communities. What emerged was the realization that social impact requires tremendous investments of time, effort and understanding, so that foundation as service providers customise solutions allowing beneficiaries to move onward with dignity and confidence to improve the quality of their lives. Getting over stereotypical mindsets of rural women as the only potential target group was just the beginning. Suffice to say, the journey into the depths of community outreach has been exciting.

CRISIL Foundation, as it stands today, is a public charitable trust. Set up in March 2013, they are CRISIL’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, reaching out to socially and economically disadvantaged communities within and beyond their areas of operations.

Build awareness and capacities of the financially excluded in India


Build awareness and capacities of the financially excluded in India


Empowering people to make informed financial choices

Value Proposition

  • Share knowledge and insights backed by data, leveraged by analytical rigour, credibility and experience
  • Shape thoughts, influence policy, set benchmarks to drive strong social impact
  • Leverage multiple platforms to drive experiential learning, and therefore, behavioural change as an outcome

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Chief Functionary

Name :  
Tania Pal
Designation :  
Associate Director
Email :  


Name :  
Karina Monterio
Designation :  
Manager Communications
Email 1 :  
Phone :  
022 3342 3000

CSR projects of organization

Mein Pragati
Project Type: CSR
CRISIL Foundation has taken a unique approach to financial inclusion. 1. Multiple Touchpoints -Re....
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Project Type: CSR
CRISIL RE, the flagship programme for social impact and outreach in cities, leverages CRISIL’s....
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