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Last Updated on August 25, 2020

Operation in state

  • Delhi
  • Madhya Pradesh

Thematic Areas

  • Education and Employment
  • Social Enterprise
  • Technology

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • FCRA (Eligible for international funding)
  • Organization Registration Certificate


Verified Organization

Established In 2017

C-75, 2nd Floor , Preet Vihar, Arya Samaj Marj , New Delhi , New Delhi , 110092

About the organization


Peepul is an education non-profit that works to help every child achieve their potential. We partner with government school systems in India so that the poorest of the poor in India have the opportunity to become strong leaders and successful citizens. Our Mission is to enable and deliver excellence in government schools in India by creating Exemplar Education Ecosystems focused on high academic outcomes. We achieve this by going to the root of the issue: teaching methods in classrooms so that teachers are better equipped to deliver high-quality education. Hence, meaningful teacher-student is at the heart of our model and approach.


Our belief is simple – every child in a government school should receive a high-quality education, regardless of background or circumstance, that allows them to realize their full potential. Good quality education should be a right and not a privilege. We envision a world where government schools compete with elite private schools in terms of quality. We will achieve this by embedding with government school systems across Indian states to bring about reform.


Through our work, Peepul works on creating exemplar education ecosystems to bring back the focus of government school systems to the real outcome that matters: the attainment of the learner. We bring a practitioner’s expertise to rigorous, large-scale systemic transformation by creating demonstrations of excellence in government schools, supporting teacher development, enabling mentoring and putting in place monitoring mechanisms to track progress. Having already exhibited what an exemplar looks like in a government school as practitioners, we work at scale with the government to create system-wide impact to build the education system.


Peepul works across Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, directly impacting 1100 students at their three exemplar schools, and running state-wide programmes on teacher development and school transformation which impact 320,000+ teachers across 110,000+ government schools.


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Special features of the organization

Our holistic transformation approach to shift government school systems is described below. This lays out our business approach to large-scale transformation and impact. We:

  • Embed deeply: We work at all levels of the government and in deep partnership with them.
  • Co-create: We co-create solutions with all our stakeholders through the use of design thinking workshops and field knowledge.
  • Lead with sustainability: Our work is embedded in the government systems with clear pathways defined for transition and our exit.
  • Codify process and practice: We spend time and energy to codify our knowledge to allow easy replication of our work.
  • Partner globally: We draw on international best-practices, customized to the local context. We take the lead in global leadership efforts on education reform, including a Founding Member of the Global Schools Forum.
  • Create exemplar showcases as proof points: We create exemplars for every problem that we solve for to demonstrate what is possible and create evidence.
  • Be efficient: We are efficient as our cost per child models are comparable to what government pays per child, while the cost of our systemic programmes at the state level demonstrate quality at scale.
  • Hire great talent: We believe great people make a great organisation and great impact. We seek to attract great talent with diverse skills.

Why should a corporate partner with organization?

Peepul has redefined the benchmark for efficiency in the social development sector. The programs that Peepul has driven have achieved success that are unheard of and have been appreciated by eminent personalities all across the world. Anil Swarup, ex-secretary MHRD on visiting Peepul schools deemed it to be an ‘incredible transformation’ while opining that efforts should be made to replicate and scale it.

Peepul’s work has solved the problem of retention of children in schools. By our extensive work and holistic transformation, we have created a model that fixes the broken teacher-student enrolment chain in the country, where the education system has been successful in enrolling children into government schools but have struggled to ensure retention of students in the schools.

Peepul’s return on every rupee is extremely competitive. The impact we draw out of every single rupee is comparable to what the government spends as well. Our per child costs in running exemplar schools are in line with what the government pays. The cost of training a teacher by Peepul amounts to just Rs 37.50p which is extremely competitive, with manifold impact in the learning journeys of children they serve.

With our corporate partners, we also conduct employee engagement activities. In the past few years, we have had many events with our corporate partners which has left us with fond memories. Keeping in mind the pandemic, we also organise virtual events for our partners, as well as capacity building sessions.

Our programs have defined new benchmarks and industry standards in the sector. Our exemplar schools have proved that good quality education is possible in government-administered schools. Whilst our teacher training programmes reach new heights every day. More recently, our program ‘CM Rise’ on digital teacher training has become a national case study in professional teacher development for the Ministry of Human Resource Development while also becoming a flagship program for the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Peepul has received wide social media coverage with our founder having been named on the Business World ’40 under 40’ list. We are a part of the Global Schools Forum, which is a consortium of non-state partners across Africa, Asia, Latin America. We have presented our work to them and have received interest from several organisations including Rising Academies, UNICEF and Better Tomorrow. Peepul, as a brand has traveled far and wide.

Peepul is driven by a committed set of leaders who ensure high impact by the vast experience and knowledge they bring into the fold.



Chief Functionary

Name :  
Kruti Bharucha
Designation :  
Founder & CEO
Email :  


Name :  
Shuvopriyo Roy
Designation :  
Fundraising Associate
Email 1 :  
Phone :  

Project Detail of Organization

Exemplar schools
Project Type: Others
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Teacher Training Programme
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Chief Minister’s CM Rise
Project Type: Others
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