Childwelfare & Holistic Organization for Rural Development (CHORD)-Telangana- CSR Organization profile

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Last Updated on November 16, 2017

Operation In state

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Telangana

Thematic Areas

  • Agriculture,food and nutrition
  • Education and Employment
  • Women and Gender

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • FCRA (Eligible for international fund

Childwelfare & Holistic Organization for Rural Development (CHORD)

Established In 1998

CHORD, #1-9-665/7, , Vidyanagar, , Hyderabad , Telangana , 500044

About The Organization

Chord is a non- profit and non-political relief and development organization. Right from the beginnings in 1998 to this day Chord has successfully rescued and empowered with education, counselling and care, over 15000 underprivileged children and has touched lives of tens of thousands through its awareness and sensitization workshops.

Chord imperative to empower with education and training, the lives and plight of the underprivileged continues, with help from volunteers, students, professionals and socially conscious citizens and together organization hope that the contribution to their less fortunate friends keeps growing as they do.


  • Ensuring every child is in school and learning with dignity
  • Every young man/women trained in skills
  • Every community is progressing and vibrant


  • To implement a robust, replicable and sustainable three-fold community development model to eradicate child labour and alleviate poverty by educating children, training the youth in employable skills, sensitizing the society and empowering the community.

Current Goal

  • To liberate and educate another 7000 victims of Child labour by the year 2018 and to Train 3000 youth in employable skills.

Values and Objectives

  • Every child is uniquely gifted and deserves a childhood and quality education. Education is a social investment resulting in long term benefits
  • Skill Development and Training is a National imperative for sustainable Economic Growth
  • Equal opportunity and Social Justice ensure Economic Development
  • Pursuit of individual Liberty and Fraternity ensure National integrity
  • People are a resource worth investing

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Chief Functionary

Name :  
Mr. Suman C Malladi
Designation :  
Email :


Name :  
S J Sanjeev Kumar
Designation :  
Communications Executive
Email 1 :
Phone :  
+91-40-23156196 /+91-9989057676

CSR Projects of Organisation

Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Migrated Urban Girl Child Labourers (Girl Child Project)
Project Type: CSR
Aashirwad a school for girl children is a flagship program of CHORD that aims to educate, empower,....
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