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Last Updated on October 8, 2018

Operation In state

  • Jharkhand
  • Nagaland
  • West Bengal

Thematic Areas

  • Agriculture,food and nutrition
  • Business
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Community Development
  • Education and Employment
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Microfinance
  • Healthcare
  • Livelihoods
  • Social Enterprise
  • Technology
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Women and Gender
  • Cross-sectoral/Others

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • FCRA (Eligible for international funding)

Manbhum Ananda Ashram Nityananda Trust (MANT)

Established In 1965

Swapnaneer, Flat No- 2A, 2nd Floor , 164, P. Majumder Road, North Purbachal , Kolkata , West Bengal , 723151

About The Organization

MANT is a non-profit, non-racial, non-political, non-religious development organisation registered with the Government of West Bengal, India in 1959-60, and has been working in the field of Basic Education, Health Improvement, Community Media and Livelihood Development targeting to ameliorate the immense sufferings of the marginalized section of the contemporary society and empower them to strive for their own development in all districts of West Bengal and 1 District of Nagaland, India.

Vision: Empowering the Marginalised People

Mission: Let everyone be happy; let all be wholesome; let everybody see the good of life; let none suffer; let peace reign supreme

Why MANT is different ?

  • Presence of Clear mission and purpose which have been shared with all stakeholders at regular intervals.
  • System of engaging and seeking target community’s input/feedback in designing interventions at a systematic way
  • Achieving results and tracking impact against key measures- Regular and ongoing evaluation of programmes- The organization is able to demonstrate measurable outcomes.
  • Strong Leadership
  • An active and informed governance structure
  • Strategic Plan for every intervention
  • Presence of Standard Operating Procedures with clear details regarding policies, procedures and practices
  • Solid fiscal management processes are in place. During last financial year almost 92% payments were cashless. Good Practices like purchase committee, internal auditing, quarterly financial statement, careful cash monitoring and monthly cash flow statement.
  • Giving more importance to finding innovative solutions to the existing problems
  • Regular Human Resource Development Programme
  • The organization is recognized as an institution; it is not identified solely with one or two individuals who work there.

Why should a corporate partner with my organization? 

  • We are an NGO with a spotless reputation
  • We are widely recognized in all districts of West Bengal and by the media
  • We have a varied target audience i.e. from tribal people to Government Employees, trader’s associations to schools and colleges and the like
  • We have been working to address diverse causes
  • We are thoroughly experienced and have been in operation since 1960

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Chief Functionary

Name :  
Dr. Chandidas Mukhopadhyay
Designation :  
Email :


Name :  
Nirmalya Mukherjee
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Email 1 :
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NGOBOX Recommendation

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