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Reliance Foundation Bharat India Jodo (RF BIJ)


Organization : Reliance Foundation


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Assam,Bihar,Chhattisgarh,Gujarat,Jharkhand,Karnataka,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra,Odisha,Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand,West Bengal


Project Description

Reliance Foundation’s flagship programme, Bharat-India-Jodo (RF BIJ), works to bridge the development gap between rural and urban India. Committed to rural transformation, the programme works with small and marginal farmers and helps farming households that have limited livelihood options. These farmers, who mostly own rain-fed lands, often lack irrigation sources and are typically dependent on single crops. They are often unable to cultivate their entire landholdings, either because the quality of land is poor or because they lack the necessary resources. With these factors severely limiting their earning potential, most of them are forced to migrate and seek work as unskilled labourers.

In this socio-economic landscape, RF BIJ empowers marginal farmers with sustainable livelihood practices. It strives to de-risk farming, minimise external dependencies and improve rural lives and livelihoods. It supports low cost and high output in sustainable agriculture, helping farmers increase their productivity and leverage the market to increase their income. The programme also organises farmers in collectives, to leverage the power of unity. These models of social and economic development are owned, controlled and managed by communities themselves, for the larger development of their members, the village, and the region.

Vision of RF BIJ

RF BIJ aspires to establish a holistic, self-reliant and sustainable model of rural transformation based on the principles of:

  • Direct Action
  • Sustainable Development, and
  • Participatory Approach


Institution Building

At the heart of all RF BIJ efforts lies the desire to build strong and vibrant community-owned and managed institutions. Today, the programme supports more than 52,000 families across India through more than 500 vibrant village associations (VAs). RF BIJ mobilises and organises communities into these associations to promote collective ownership, decision making and common welfare. The VA members work together to meet collective aspirational goals.

Nutrition Security

In its endeavour to improve nutrition security, Reliance Foundation has supplemented the nutritional intake of rural households through promotion of small kitchen or backyard gardens, known as Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNGs). These RNGs help improve the nutrition status of small and marginal farmers and their families, providing them with a diverse mix of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants throughout the year.

Food Security

Reliance Foundation works with small and marginal farmers to ensure food security in rural households. To increase the availability, affordability and accessibility of food, the programme is directly engaged in transforming more than 56,000 hectares of land with little or no productivity into fertile and productive lands (dharti farms), through sustainable agricultural practices.

Water Security

RF BIJ follows a watershed approach, conserving every drop of water in-situ, through the adoption of local conservation methods. De-risking farmers and their farms from the extreme vagaries of the monsoons forms the basis of this engagement with communities. Depending on the geographical location, type of soil, agricultural practices and needs of the community, the Foundation has undertaken appropriate initiatives across 12 states. Many such RF BIJ initiatives have been appreciated by external agencies, including state governments.

Ecological Security

RF BIJ helps communities secure their local ecosystems, with the larger aim of achieving sustainable development through biodiversity and natural resource management. The Foundation has put in significant effort to encourage ecological sustainability through resource conservation, use of cleaner resources and promotion of biodiversity.

RF BIJ has engaged directly with more than 52,000 families in more than 500 villages across 12 Indian states. The model has been replicated from Radhanpur in Gujarat to Balangir in Odisha and from Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand to Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, to facilitate research and development, RF BIJ has established the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture in Mouda, Nagpur.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

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