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Free Mobile Clinic


Organization : Piramal Swasthya


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Assam,Bihar,Gujarat,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Odisha,Punjab,Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

This a CSR project in collaboration with Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited. This project provides primary health care services with focus on Non Communicable diseases to the Trucker Community comprising of Truck drivers/owners, helpers, cleaners and their families. There are 26 Mobile Medical Units and one static clinic located across 14 States in India which serve the trucker community. Apart from these the project also provides primary health care services to the general population through four Mobile Medical Units in two more states. The Healthcare Camps conducted through Mobile Medical Van to provide:

  • Free primary healthcare services to truckers, helpers and their families
  • Screening, diagnosis, treatment and referral for non-communicable and communicable diseases, and minor ailments
  • Awareness, education and counselling on healthy practices, life style modifications, non-communicable disease management, etc.

Project Objective:

  • The core objective of Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC) along with Piramal Swasthya was
  • To improve the overall health of the trucker community.
  • Encourage health seeking behavior among truck drivers.
  • To create an image in the minds of the trucker’s community as a caring & a responsible brand through CSR initiatives in the area of healthcare and water.


Services offered for:

  • Treatment of common ailments and minor ailments
  • Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Health education though Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
  • STDs and HIV & AIDS

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • All MMUs are technology-enabled and linked to the online dashboard which provides near real-time information to the stakeholders.
  • Each beneficiary will be given a unique health record.  As this program is operational in multiple cities/states gives the opportunity for truck drivers to re-visit in the nearest location during their travel.
  • A unique Primary Healthcare Programme launched specifically for the trucker community.

Project Donors and Partners

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

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