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GROW- High Quality Skills at low cost


Organization : Dr. Reddy’s Foundation


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Chhattisgarh,Delhi,Gujarat,Haryana,Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra,Punjab,Rajasthan,Telangana,Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand,West Bengal


Project Description

In 2016 DRF launched GROW, a new skill training program culled from two decades of experience in the skilling sector but more importantly, aiming to create a high quality skilling at a low cost. Currently the program is being implemented at scale in more than 70 centers across 18 states.

Present Challenges

  • Only 5% of 365 million youth are skilled
  • 12.8 million youth enter the workforce every year, yet 53% jobs are lying vacant as employers are unable to find people with the right skills
  • About 63% of the school students drop out at different stages before reaching Class X primarily because of their difficult economic background.

Focus & Approch

GROW focuses on providing skilling support in line with industry requirements as well as the individual’s aspirations. Supported by a committed team of trainers, the focus is on core employment skills.  GROW’s team invests time to understand employers perspectives and supported by technology encourages a transparent match-making of candidates with job roles based on their post training assessments.

Key Fetures

  • Industry Vetted Course – GROW’s curriculum is industry vetted and the emphasis is on developing essential job competencies like English Communication Skills, Personality Development,  Interview Skills etc
  • Certified Trainers – All GROW trainers have to attend and clear an intensive 36-day in-house training in order to be certified as a trainer.
  • Competency Assessment – In addition to regular assessments, GROW tracks the “skill shift” of all aspirants through a “pre and post” assessment index to ensure they have moved to the next level.
  • End-to End Tech Platform – GROW’s dedicated IT platform ( is a boon to both employers and aspirants. It is built to automate the entire life cycle of the training and to match the aspirants’ competencies with job requirements.
  • Enabling Learning Environment – All GROW Centers are equipped with the latest user friendly learning tools and infrastructure to facilitate a better learning environment.
  • Post-Placement Support – GROW’S post-placement support is a vibrant bridge between the applicant and the employer. The tracking system is an aid to support the employer and the applicant.
  • Mobile App Connectivity – The GROW app with multiple features optimizes instant feedback from the aspirants about their training or even after joining work.



Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited

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