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Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants (DIYA)


Organization : Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Chhattisgarh,Delhi,Jharkhand,Maharashtra,Meghalaya,Odisha,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,West Bengal


Project Description

Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants (DIYA), a unique technology-driven skills development program, implemented by Anudip, is the pathway to digital-age career opportunities. DIYA provides in-demand employment skills such as computer network administration (Cisco Certification), Digital Design and Publishing, Computerized Accounting, Social Media Marketing, Web App and Mobile App Development, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Computer Aided 2D and 3D Design and many more. In parallel to domain-specific IT training, DIYA also prepares on job skills, communicative English, workplace etiquettes and interview techniques. Aligned with the country’s skills development strategy and keeping in mind the increasing demand for professionals with advanced knowledge in Information Technology, Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare will implement its four digital livelihoods skills training programs for the unemployed educated youth and women aged between 18 to 30 years.

Objective and Expected Impact:

• Promote Internet-driven new economy jobs for marginalized communities

• Enhance financial stability by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities

• Build and strengthen socio-economic status of young women and men

• To help marginalized communities to participate in mainstream economy and contribute to productivity

• On-job skill training on use of new technology to boost their confidence and exposure.

• With the gain of financial stability, these beneficiaries will be able to contribute towards not only local economy but also be able to afford healthcare facilities for themselves and their families, children's education, nutrition etc.

• Ensure at least threefold increase in family income of beneficiaries

Accenture initiated its collaboration with Anudip in the year 2013 and this year also Accenture has supported Anudip for implemeting its Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants (DIYA) program. 

Last 5 years training details with Accenture





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FY 2014-15




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FY 2017-18





Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Impacting employability at scale with consistent performance over the years with expansion to new geographies
  • Data driven, customized, technology-enabled Learning Management System that helps the learners to enjoy the experience
  • Inclusion of new on-demand industry aligned courses like Tally-GST, ethical hacking, cyber security; opening the horizons for 21st century job roles
  • Anudip’s curriculum integrated with employer-endorsed job-aptitudes and industry relevant digital and IT skills prepares less privileged youth become employment ready, while also creating an educated workforce for recruiters through our DIYA
  • Anudip utilizes its multimedia and game based learning programs which allows the opportunity-limited students who are 18 – 35 years to retain the learnings more effectively. Many of these programs pave the way for niche careers in technology and one can progress from entry level roles upward, thereby creating the difference.
  • Anudip's students are trained in various digital skills with the use of technology enabled LMS (Learning Management System) which uses gamification and other interactive features in multimedia to make learning engaging and impactful.
  • Anudip’s LMS manages student coursework and keep track of progress and performance. Anudip’s basic training curricula has been developed in-house keeping in mind the language ability of youth from poor educational backgrounds, as well as licensed from global courseware providers like Khan Academy, Udemy, Wadhwani Foundation, Cisco, NetHope, and Alison.
  • This training curriculum and delivery has evolved through employer and student feedback, team evaluations, and impact studies conducted externally and internally. Customized and digitized multimedia content in video, audio, presentation, and game formats have enabled students, to enjoy their classroom experience and retain their learnings better.
  • Anudip has transformed its pedagogy from a lecture-based training model to a blended mix of smartphone- and tablet-based self-learning, classroom lectures, and in-centre practice.

Project Donors and Partners

Accenture, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Citi Foundation, HSBC, ICRA, ITC, American India Foundation, Mjunction, NVIDIA

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