PROJECT SAKSHAM - Empowering Persons with Disabilities for Social Inclusion-Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Delhi,Kerala,Madhya Pradesh,Tamil Nadu- CSR Projects India

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PROJECT SAKSHAM - Empowering Persons with Disabilities for Social Inclusion


Organization : German Leprosy & TB Relief Association


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Delhi,Kerala,Madhya Pradesh,Tamil Nadu


Project Description

Overall objective

Persons with Disabilities are empowered to increase their participation in the community level decision making to uphold their rights.

Outcome Objectives

  • Formation of inclusive self-help groups (SHG) and Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPO) for addressing right based issues and advocating for a social change
  • Effective networking and collaboration existing with the local government units/ offices/departmentsImproved prevention and management of disabilities among the vulnerable population

The project beneficiaries are Persons with Disabilities, marginalized population under poverty and those who are at risk of disability due to diseases (eg: leprosy, TB and NTDs) and have no access to medical care and social services. The project working in 6 locations in 6 states with a target of 1 million population (approximately) and the estimated number of direct beneficiaries are 20000 persons with disabilities & marginalized and indirect beneficiaries will be the 80000 family members. The project giving special attention to Children, gender issues and issues of vulnerable and socially deprived groups.

Major Activities:

  • Formation of inclusive SHGs at village level & DPOs and constitution of Disability People Federation (DPF) at block level with 1800-2000 members
  • Conducting disability certificate camps would be organized for facilitating disability certificates
  • Sensitization sessions for local civic body/Panchayat Raj leaders and government stake holders on the rights of perosns with disabilities 

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • This project is conceived as an interactive (dialectical) process, whereby disabled people become aware of what they can achieve, the local community becomes confident in supporting disabled people's self-reliance. 
  • To ensure the sustainability of project, the organized groups, local civil body and other stakeholders, under the guidance of implementing NGOs in their respective areas, will catalyse the social change with a new "social consciousness" in the community which will ensure that people with disabilities are note deprived of their basic rights and can live with dignity.
  • Project aims at reaching out to a population of 1 million with an estimated beneficiary base of 20000 people with any type of disabilities, and their family members with children, women, poor, marginalized and socially deprived receiving special attention.

Project Donors and Partners

Donor: DAHW GERMANY, Local Partners are, DSS, Kannur - kerala, MNSSS, Kurnool - Andhra Pradesh, SASSS, Barwani - Madhya Pradesh

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