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The T-E-A-C-H Program


Organization : Rotary India Literacy Mission


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Gujarat,Haryana,Jharkhand,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal


Project Description

Rotary in India through “Rotary India Literacy Mission” has embarked upon one of the most comprehensive programs on Total Literacy and Quality Education. This mission wishes to achieve the literacy goals through its comprehensive program called T-E-A-C-H:

T – Teacher Support

E – E-learning

A – Adult Literacy

C – Child Development

H – Happy School

The Teacher Support Program

Under the Teacher Support program 29,319 teachers have been trained and 11,259 teachers have been recognized with the Nation Builder Awards.

Teacher training is the main focus of the entire Teacher Support vertical. The role of teachers in shaping the minds of the youth is undeniable. Teachers from government schools undergo pre service as well as in service training during their career. However, apart from this, regular workshops, seminars and training should be encouraged to enhance the capabilities of a teacher.

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognising outstanding teachers through the “Nation Builder Award”. Recognizing outstanding teachers instills them with renewed confidence and encourages them to perform better. It also gives an idea about the less effective teachers in the surveyed schools, who are later helped with training sessions and workshops to enhance their performance.

The E-Learning Program

The E-learning facility has reached 11,887 schools benefitting 41, 60,450 children.

Rotary India Literacy Mission’s E-learning Program is all set to drive the E-Learning Revolution in Government and Government –Aided Primary Schools through a simple model:

  1. Provision of high quality projector and power pack sets
  2. High quality, audio-visual, interactive e-learning modules in local languages and mapped to respective State Boards. 

The Adult Literacy Program

Under the Adult Literacy program 69,681 adults have been made literate through Diksha and Swabhimaan.

Activities under the Program


In this approach student-volunteers from schools/colleges are engaged in providing functional literacy classes to non-literate adults (15+ age) over a period of 45-60 days. The learners are advised to appear for the NIOS examination at the end of the project, which takes place in March and August every year. On clearing the examination the learners are certified as functionally literate.

Swabhimaan – Dignity Through Education :

Swabhimaan envisions setting up of Adult Literacy Centres (ALC) in both rural and urban areas in a centralized location to impart functional literacy to non-literate adults (15+ years). Maximum 30 learners can be enrolled per batch and multiple batches can run in one ALC. The main resource for this intervention is the teacher, who has the sole responsibility of coordinating the project, tracking and reporting the progress of the learners. It can directly be implemented by Clubs or by NGOs identified by Clubs and/or RILMO.

The learners appear for the NIOS examination at the end of the course.

The Child Development Program

Under the Child Development program RILM has mainstreamed 12,574 children.

Through this program RILM is sending children back to school. Children from vulnerable communities, who have never been enrolled to any school or have been dropped out of school, are being sent back to school after required brushing up. The objective is to facilitate these children’s access to mainstream state funded primary/ elementary schools.

Activities under the Program

Asha Kiran… a ray of hope :

This is the name given to the Child Development initiative to send 100,000 out of school children back to school. This program has been undertaken to fulfil the goals of Child Development vertical of RILM.

The Happy School Program

RILM through Happy School program has converted 1505 schools into Happy School.

Components under Happy School

  • Painted, well maintained and secure school building.
  • Adequate and functional separate toilets for boys and girls.
  • Hand washing stations.
  • Clean and adequate drinking water for both students and teachers.
  • Library.
  • Play material, games and sports equipment.
  • Benches, desks for students.
  • Well maintained space for teaching staff.
  • Shoes and School Bags for students.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

CII, Learning Links Foundation, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Digilearn, Labournet, The Loomba Foundation, India FoodBanking Network etc.

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