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Project Privartan


Organization : Youth4Jobs Foundation


Location : Andhra Pradesh,Delhi,Gujarat,Jharkhand,Maharashtra,Odisha,Puducherry,Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,West Bengal


Project Description

The flagship program called “Parivartan” focuses on giving sustainable livelihoods to a vulnerable section of society, youth with disabilities. Youth enrolled are mainly with locomotor disabilities, and speech and hearing impaired. Small numbers of low vision, autistic and slow learners also enrol.

The program has two simultaneous activities: Setting up job- linked residential training centres and networking with companies to open up the basket of options across industries for jobs for persons with disabilities (PwD). Y4J has developed a replicable and scalable model for skilling PwD youth. This Job-linked skilling work was developed over three year in Phases: Building the model; validating the work across 3 disabilities and Scaling across India. Lessons learnt at each phase helped to refine and finetune the blueprint and prepare the ground for scale.

The various processes involved are mobilization, counselling, training, networking with industry and companies, placement of the candidates and post-placement mentoring. Feedback from the youth and companies is continuously added back into the program. Monitoring is done through a transparent IT system. A recently created alumni network works on career progression and other issues.

Y4J has also developed a series of products to help companies begin or strengthen their journey of inclusion. These products have been crafted on the basis of various company /industry workshops across the country. They range from sensitization workshops to sign language workshops, work place adaptations, job role matrix and helping make HR policy inclusive.

Youth4Jobs has created web enabled Transaction based software for the Planning, Data Management, and Monitoring & Evaluation of the program on an ongoing basis. 

o     Training centre management

o     Candidate wise progress

o     No of PwD trained vs Placed

o     Starting Salary of the placed PwD

o     Retention of the placed PwD in the job after 3 months of employment 

o     % of girls

o     No of employers of disabled


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Axis Bank Foundation, Tech Mahindra Foundation, HT Parekh Foundation, HDBFS, American India Foundation, SBI Foundation, Capgemini, Microsoft

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