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Organization : Piramal Swasthya


Location : Andhra Pradesh


Project Description

In view of the health challenges in Araku valley, Piramal Swasthya has conceptualized Telemedicine services in the month of June 2010 which lead to a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Piramal Swasthya and Government of Andhra Pradesh to operationalize it on the Pilot basis for 5 Government health care institutions then transformed into a workable solution. In October 2010, in collaboration with MacArthur Foundation, the telemedicine services have been operationalized in Araku valley Mandal of Andhra Pradesh State to cater services in 181 hard-to-reach habitations of the Mandal.


The main objective of ASARA Telemedicine service initiative is to extend Pre- & Post-natal care and neonatal care to the most vulnerable mother & child populace in tribal areas, thus reducing Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is also intended to provide access to healthcare at their doorstep. They have designed ASARA to supplement the efforts made by the Integrated Tribal Development Project Office, their staff, and a host of Government health agencies working for the tribal population in Araku.


Aim: To support the Governments efforts in reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in tribal areas through an integrated approach.


Project Objective:

  • To improve the health status of antenatal, postnatal women, neonates, infants and adolescent girls
  • To identify high-risk health conditions among the primary beneficiaries and to refer to appropriate higher centres/prescribe medications appropriately
  • To promote and facilitate health-seeking behaviours in the beneficiaries and family members.
  • To facilitate and complement public sector health interventions in access, uptake by the community through IEC.
  • To promote institutional deliveries
  • Leverage technology to create Electronic Health Records with Unique identity to track pregnant women and provide appropriate services


Target Beneficiaries:

  • All pregnant women in the antenatal and postpartum period
  • Children under five years (nutrition program)


Services Offered:

  • Early registration of pregnancies
  • Identify high-risk cases and ensure appropriate referrals
  • Anaemia (haemoglobin) tests & other lab services as suggested by Specialist
  • The motivation for Institutional Deliveries
  • Medical Consultation at Telemedicine Centers by MBBS doctor
  • Tele Specialist Consultation for High-Risk cases

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Addressing the needs of the Tribal communities towards Antenatal care, reduce high prevalence of homedeliveries,
  • Providing service at the door step even in difficult to access terrain of Tribal areas, who have poor access to mainstream services thru the employees who are from the community
  • Provide supplementary nutrition for positive pregnancy outcome and early childhood development.

Project Donors and Partners

Piramal Enterprises Limited

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