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Empowering Rural Women through Vocational Education and Training


Organization : GAMANA


Location : Andhra Pradesh


Project Description

GAMANA is operating in 18 Panchayat Villages of Thullur Mandal of APCRDA in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh State in India, since its inception in 2007 with the endorsement of the community and the local authorities as well. The organization has mainly focused on the education and empowerment of women. GAMANA has built its reputation at the grassroots level as a visionary organization capable of working with communities mutually to alter the current course of conflicts and disempowerment at the communal and individual level in APCRDA region.

Due to bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh into Two States, the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh newly Capital construction area in 29 villages of APCRDA (Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority), there is an increased rate of unemployment, poverty and lack of livelihoods coping mechanism skills for youth especially for school dropout women remains a challenging issue while the little humanitarian support stood to support the girls for basic living needs. Thus, the need for attitudinal change for the girls is predictable. The lack of social-economic stability for many parents, the girls have limited or no access to basic education and employment.


Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

  • Selection of suitable candidates was done from a group of 287 girls, where potential girls were screened and eventually selected. Though the process was time consuming but the end result was satisfactory and had well-deserving girls who exactly fit our criteria.
  • 122 girls were selected, enrolled and trained for the course. The initial target of employment after the completion of the training course was 17%, but it was later raised to 32% in the qualitative outcome of the project.
  • Computer literacy has helped the girls to get employment with a steady source of income. We also realised the necessity of making rural India digitally literate to further challenge the traditional learning opportunities that have a gender bias, in order for digital progress to take place and bridge the urban rural divide.
  • Girls who can master technology found more career opportunities, decrease the gap in gender pay and take larger strides towards equality; the benefits of which will reach their children.
  • During the program implementation, various awareness activities and counselling sessions were organised for both the trainees and their families.
  • The purpose of these sessions was to educate them about the benefits of computer education and how it would help the girls become more empowered.
  • The training given by INFUSION also has an inbuilt component of soft-skills, EDP skills and personality development including English communication skills.

Project Donors and Partners

WDP - Switzerland

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