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E-Healthcare Project


Organization : APPL Foundation


Location : Assam,West Bengal


Project Description


With healthcare facilities in rural India being scarce and ill-equipped, APPL Foundation partnered with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to create a symbolic milestone in the arena of healthcare in Assam and North Bengal. HP and APPL Foundation together set out on journey to deliver specialist medical aid to remote locations, where APPL’s tea estates are located. Equipment and resources, amounting to Rs. 7.34 Crores has been donated by HP to the APPL Foundation. The Hathikuli e Health Centre (eHC) was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Assam,Shri. Tarun Gogoi.

This ground-breaking framework allows on-site staff members to perform diagnostic tests and send results to doctors at RHRC Chubwa for a remote diagnosis, or consult off-site specialists in real time. Features of the HP Workstations include Open Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, cloud-enabled technology, key medical diagnostic equipment and integrated videoconferencing facilities. E-Healthcare centres are cost effective and easy to deploy, providing access to quality healthcare in remote areas. They are currently present in 5 places namely, Powai, Namroop, Hathikuli, Kellyden and Dam Dim. Their goal is to increase resources to make them accessible to neighbouring village populations within a 10km radius. Another advantage of the e-Healthcare set-up is that through the dashboard (image below), detailed analytics can be done on the data stored in the IT cloud. This feature has the potential to aid healthcare policy formulation, early epidemic detection, preventive healthcare and intervention and disease surveillance in real time. The availability of feature in itself can significantly lower their response time in the event of any widespread medical emergency.

Impact of project:

  • Patients Registered- 93,253
  • Laboratory Test- 2,434
  • Patients Consulted- 1,012

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

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