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AniBooks for Early Grade Reading


Organization : PlanetRead


Location : Bihar,Chhattisgarh,Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

PlanetRead’s “AniBooks for Early Grade Reading” aims at integrating AniBooks into the schools and lives of children in Grades 1–4 (roughly ages 6–11) to support the development of reading skills.

The project targets schools in the states where Hindi is spoken widely (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh), in partnership with organisations that have the experience and infrastructure to distribute and deploy digital content on existing screens in schools and homes.

Thirty new stories and poems were chosen and converted into AniBooks, along with ten existing Hindi stories from PlanetRead’s sister concern, BookBox. The AniBooks were chosen carefully to cater to each level, keeping in mind several parameters like concept, vocabulary and length.

In order to make each module as exciting as possible for children who are learning to read, PlanetRead hass added activities that grew out of the research been done on this project.

For each AniBook, a set of activities has been designed to test various skills like vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, letter–sound association and problem solving.

The activities are designed to test learning and progress of the child while having fun with learning come alive on screen. These activities are designed for the tab and mobile as well as a printable workbook format that can be easily replicated, printed and distributed.

The fun element appealed to all the children and they enjoyed learning through games and colourful activities as compared to the regular workbooks.

To see how the stories and activities work for children, PlanetRead team members went to schools in Pondicherry and Ahmedabad to test the content with kids.

In fact, several pilot projects were conducted for testing the stories and activities with school children. The children enjoyed themselves while discovering new ways of learning and wanted more!

The team and several outreach partners are helping to make the content more widely available. PlanetRead has been doing outreach with partners like Project DRUV, who are already distributing AniBooks, 4SL, that creates solar-powered wi-fi enabled “digital classrooms” that can be used anywhere, even in places without electricity.

Before starting to distributed the AniBooks to the children, PlanetRead conducted a baseline study to understand their current reading levels so that if another study done at the end of the program (i.e. after 9 months) to see AniBooks have helped in improving their reading skills.

Baseline studies, that consist of checking some rudimentary reading and comprehension skills, were conducted in schools across the Hindi belt in India. The impact of viewing the AniBooks on a regular basis and following it up with activities will be recorded after 9 months from the baseline studies.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

Read Alliance, TATA Trusts- Project DRUV, Pratham Books

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