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Climate SMART Village Development


Organization : BAIF Development Research Foundation


Location : Bihar,Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

Climate Change is emerging as a major threat to Indian agriculture, posing challenge to food and nutritional security. India is one of the most vulnerable countries due to high exposure, less adaptability and high sensitivity as majority of its rural population is dependent on climate sensitive livelihood systems. This situation calls for multi stakeholder led actions in the form of adaptation and mitigation. Since the issue itself is new , the farmers are not really aware of required pathways for building resilience. Further, there is scant evidence on how different practices, technologies, services, processes and institutional arrangements contribute to the distinct pillars of CSA. In view of the above, the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is proposed as a solution to transform and reorient agricultural system by introducing combination of climate smart technologies, services and practices and gender sensitive extension approaches to support food security and resilience building of small and marginal farmers under the new realities of climate change .


The key objectives of the project include:

  • To build resilience at farm, household, village and cluster level for the benefit of affected community
  • To sustain and enhance production and productivity of crops and livestock resource by introducing resilient farming system based technologies and practices
  • To diversify farming system to diversify climate change related risks
  • To reduce emission at farm and cluster level


The project takes cluster based approach, Lays thrust on creating field evidences ,Embodies a holistic vision for climate change action. A platform for socially inclusive, multi stakeholder collaborative work. Partnership with the local and national public and private institutes, Founded on the principle of bringing CSA to scale. Links global and local knowledge. Lays thrust on blending useful science and technology.


The project includes introduction of various technologies including :

  • Weather-smart activities (weather forecasts, climate informed agro-advisories, weather insurance, climate analogues as a tool for forward planning, strategies to avoid maladaptation),
  • water-smart practices (aquifer recharge, rainwater harvesting, community management of water, laser-land leveling, micro irrigation, raised-bed planting, solar pumps),
  • seed/ breed smart (adapted varieties and breeds, seed banks including community-based activities),
  • carbon/ nutrient-smart practices (agroforestry, minimum tillage, land use systems, livestock management, integrated nutrient management, biofuels) 
  • Institutional/market smart activities (cross sectoral linkages; local institutions including learning platforms or farmer-to-farmer learning and capacity development),
  • Contingency planning, financial services, market information, gender equitable approaches, and off-farm risk management strategies
  • SA practices and technologies in agriculture, water and livestock sectors  and  Farmers’ knowledge and capacity building of CSA technologies 

Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

  • Project focuses on adressing climate change issue by adopting necessary climate smart practices , services and technologies on ground.
  • It is highly participatory in nature
  • It focuses on creating evidences on ground and designing region specific approach.



Project Donors and Partners

BISA -Borloaugh Institute of South Asia and CCAFS - CGIAR program .

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