Mainstreaming state entitlements and schemes among marginalized communities in Urban Patna, Bihar -Bihar- CSR Projects India

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Mainstreaming state entitlements and schemes among marginalized communities in Urban Patna, Bihar


Organization : Rizwan Adatia Foundation


Location : Bihar


Project Description

In partnership with Aga Khan Foundation, the project aims at strengthening 30 existing government approved Common Services Centres (CSCs) of Phulawarisharif and Danapur and develop four of technical support to other CSCs. This is a three years project started from May 2016 that helps to map and document government schemes and entitlements relevant to the community in the project area. It improves community awareness about existing schemes and entitlements to generate demand through sustained information, education and communication activities. The project is currently working with 33 CSCs (3 more CSCs than planned) and reaching out to a population or more than 80,000. Till November 2018, through various camps 244,773 Government to Citizen (G2C) applications were made by the community members. For ensuring monitoring of the project, a google based dashboard was created by the partner. 



Community asset analysis is an innovative approach to community health improvement that recognizes the profound connections between shared community health assets, individual health assets, health opportunity, and health outcomes. Common community health assets include environmental components such as air, soil, to facilities such as housing, hospitals etc., health support services like disability services, early childhood services. RAF will assist community health improvement by mapping, creating, strengthening, connecting and mobilizing these assets in strategic ways to help community populations achieve better health outcomes.

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

Aga Khan Foundation (India)

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