Suposhan- Integrated Health, Nutrition & Empowerment of Musahar Community-Bihar- CSR Projects India

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Suposhan- Integrated Health, Nutrition & Empowerment of Musahar Community


Organization : Caritas India


Location : Bihar


Project Description

The program is focussed on Enhanced Food and Nutrition Security of Musahar Communities by strengthening household level food and nutrition sufficiency and functionalising Public Health and Nutrition Systems.

Musahar Community is one of the poorest communities of not only Bihar but of the entire country, which is deprived of basic facilities, education, health, water and sanitation, job opportunities and skill. Living in chronic hunger, majority of men women and children of Musahar community, which has the status of Mahadalits that denotes the community’s extreme backwardness, are malnourished and anaemic. Almost every household is landless, dependent on menial labour work for survival. The social backwardness and economic deprivation of Musahar community demand examination of causes, detailed planning and a comprehensive intervention for their uplift.


The proposed intervention has a four-pronged strategy working on the fronts of strengthening / creating household-level food production. &livelihoods, increasing Musahar’s representation in local governance & good governance,  functionalising public systems and realisation of health & nutrition rights and Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The objectives of the programme are traceable to these four-fold program thrusts.


Special Features of the Projcect

  • 1000 Musahar households will have increased household-level food and nutrition availability by at least 40% with sustainable, environment-friendly and affordable marginal/small farming methods.
  • Musahar community will have greater representation in local governance and good governance
  • 1000 households start getting benefits of food & nutrition services/schemes by functionalising participatory governance systems and alternative livelihood support services.
  • Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene standards in Musahar settlements and better access to WASH amenities for Musahar communities.

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

Caritas Germany

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