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Supporting Early Childhood Development (ECD) for Bihar's most marginalized communities


Organization : Rizwan Adatia Foundation


Location : Bihar


Project Description

The three years project started in August 2015, in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation (India), targeting both urban and rural areas of Bihar. The project aims to improve teaching and learning environment in pre-primary centres, which promotes higher transition rates to primary grades in schools. In the financial year, AKF partnered and signed an MoU with Government’s ICDS programme to enhance its reach-out. Specific curriculum has been designed for the children as well parents and training on the curriculum delivery has been provided to the ICDS workers. The programme completed its course by the end of July. By the end, the project has reached out to more than 12,000 lives. 


Along with investing in materials and facilities, RAF will invest in inculcating moral courage and leadership in schools. Through integration in sport and cultural activities, a comprehensive strategy will be implemented to promote leadership qualities among the various stake holders of the education system including students, management and teachers.

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

Aga Khan Foundation (India)

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