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Samerth Disability Centre


Organization : Samerth Charitable Trust


Location : Chhattisgarh,Gujarat


Project Description

Samerth Talim Kendra – was established in 2007. There had been a long-standing demand for the Kendra in the operational area covering Juhapura / Vejalpur & Sarkhej. It is a ghettoized area with poor civil amenities. Samerth works with marginalized and disadvantaged communities living in slums and shanties.

Over the years the program was supported by various small donors for short periods. Though thoroughly underfunded, the program flourished purely on the need and support from the community. Samerth trained teachers from the community and equipped them with various courses on disability from professional institutes that helped that gain insight in working with people with special needs.   Yet there were more cost-intensive services that Talim Kendra was unable to provide.

With Gruh Finance 2014 onwards, we could add on all the services that were essential for better and faster progress of the Kendra trainees. Important amongst them are professionally qualified teachers, regular physio, speech and psychotherapy, specialized equipment therapies as well as for catering to special needs. Since then, together we have reached out to close to 105 children and adults directly. Currently, there are 79 trainees benefitting from STK services. This is a big leap from 58 last year. This has been possible due to Gruh Finance’s continuous support and encouragement.

The path-breaking contribution that Gruh Finance made was support for the vocational training centre. We have been able to start an activity that has long been in demand – as a logical conclusion to the graduation of a child who comes to Samerth Talim Kendra. There were many who could become independent to a great extent after sustained caregiving and therapy at STK.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • The overall aim of this initiative is to educate children with special needs and aid their mental and physical development based on their individual capacities to improve their quality of life and train them to become financially independent to the extent possible.
  • To Set up and run a fully equipped Vocational Training Centre for young Adults with disabilities.
  • Ensuring the preparedness of children with disabilities for the integration in the mainstream society, byways of helping them be independent especially in their daily living activities, providing vocational training, equipping them with reading writing skills based on their skill and level.
  • Creating awareness amongst school teachers and parents about needs of people with disabilities and factors contributing to the incidence of disability in various stakeholders at the community level. 
  • Creating an enviornment of inclusive education in government schools.

Project Donors and Partners

Gruh Finance Limited, Ahmedabad and Asha for Education, USA

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