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Gyan Shakti Program (GSP)


Organization : Learning Links Foundation


Location : Delhi,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu


Project Description

Gyan Shakti Program (GSP)

One of LLF’s most impactful efforts is the Gyan Shakti Programme. Gyan Shakti Program (GSP) has two components:

  • In school program: LLF partners with nine nodal schools in five cities and provides basic facilities such as tablets, laptops, interactive boards and smart classrooms to encourage collaboration and peer-learning. School teachers are trained by LLF staff members to use the infrastructure and activity-based learning /assessment tools. LLF’s Centre for Innovative Education and Research conducts teacher and school leadership workshops on capacity building and classroom management.
  • Community outreach program: Each nodal school reaches out to 25 schools in its community area, in the form of after-school sessions. Through these sessions, LLF trains community children (9–17 years) and youth (18–25 years) to address community development issues through technology.

LLF directly reached 15,900 students including over 6,000 community children and 10,000 school children, from nine nodal schools. It also trained 942 school teachers through its GSP program.



Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

Department of Science & technology, NCERT

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