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The Satya Bharti School Program


Organization : Bharti Foundation


Location : Delhi,Haryana,Jammu and Kashmir,Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh,Punjab,Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship rural education initiative of Bharti Foundation aimed at holistic development of children. It is intended at delivering free quality education to underprivileged children across rural pockets and lays special emphasis on education for the girl child and children from marginalized communities.

One of the largest end-to-end rural education initiatives undertaken by a corporate in India, the Satya Bharti School Program is a pilot being implemented through self learning and by incorporating best practices in the field of education from other organizations and educational institutions.

Models of Implementation

  • A multi-pronged implementation strategy has been adopted by Bharti Foundation to reach out to and impact maximum number of children in the rural pockets with 'quality education'.
  • Green Field Schools: Of the 254 operational Satya Bharti Schools, 200 primary schools are Greenfield Schools built and run by Bharti Foundation on land either donated or leased-out by the community.
  • Adopted Government Schools: 49 are adopted government schools in Rajasthan which the Foundation manages and operates.
  • Public-Private Partnership Model: Five Government Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools are being run in partnership with the Punjab State Government under the Public-Private Partnership Mode.

Reaching the Less Privileged through Quality Education

The program seeks to work across rural pockets of India, providing free quality education to millions of underprivileged children. Operating primarily in states with discouraging male-female ratio, the program focuses on maximum enrolment of girl children. Through an inbuilt strategy, the program attempts to overcome the challenges that prevent girl children from coming to school. Specially designed girl-child policy, separate toilet for girls, one female teacher in each shift and special sensitization campaigns have been put in place to encourage parents to send their daughters to school. It is the constant endeavour to educate the girl child through the Satya Bharti School Program. Contributing to the inclusive growth strategy of the country, the program caters to the marginalized sections of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Communities as well as that of teachers belonging to the weaker strata of society.

Delivering 'Quality Education' in Rural India

The Satya Bharti School Program has consciously been implemented in rural India which faces ground challenges like lack of quality teachers, poor infrastructure, first generation learners, low learning levels and vast geography. The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the varying learning levels of children, helping them adapt to child-friendly teaching-learning processes. By setting up schools in such conditions, the program has provided a model with components of quality education that can be replicated on a large scale by other likeminded organizations working in the field of education.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Bharti Airtel Limited, Bharti Infratel Limited

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