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Urban Community Development


Organization : HCL Foundation


Location : Delhi,Haryana,Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu,Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal


Project Description

Urban Community Development is HCL Foundation’s integrated community development program for underprivileged communities, including migrant workers and displaced people living urban slums. Under this program, HCL Foundation also addresses vital issues through city wide campaigns for positive urban transformation. All interventions carried out by HCL Foundation for sustainable development, in urban neighbourhoods, where HCL is present, are categories under Project My Community.

With its philosophy of ensuring lasting positive change, HCL believes in investing in cities, where it operates in. Hence, HCL Foundation, as the CSR arm of HCL, is mandated to address issues that are in the remit of HCL Foundation’s thematic focus areas, in these cities. In the face of rapid urbanisation and fast changing socio-economic landscape of Indian cities, My Community is HCL Foundation’s initiative to invest in the holistic development of cities, where HCL is present.

My Community consists of efforts to address critical challenges in the areas of:

Education through Gurukuls

HCL Gurukul provides the following specialized services:

  1. Academic Coaching
  2. Bridge School Program
  3. Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Rehabilitation & Vigil Camps
  5. Digital Literacy
  6. Training in Sports, Art & Culture
  7. Life Skills
  8. Digital Literacy for Women

Chitra, 13, is a student of HCL Gurukul in Kannagi Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. A Class 8 student, she is active in all the Gurukul activities and is passionate about sports. However, coming from a low-income family, Chitra found it challenging to achieve her sport goals. Fortunately, HCL Foundation supported her with professional coaching and sports kits. Most importantly, the Gurukul helped her build self-confidence.  

Chitra started participating in kabaddi, football and boxing. Subsequently, she was selected for the National Boxing Unit and has travelled across India in that capacity. “I’m proud to be part of the Gurukul supported by HCL Foundation. The motivation provided with sports kits and coaching helped me achieve great things. Thanks to HCL Foundation for taking care of my travel and other expenditures. I will achieve in sports and fulfil my dream of becoming a Police Officer some day,” says Chitra.

Equipping Youth with Employment Skills through Yuvakendras:

HCL Foundation’s Yuvakendras in urban areas and centers are community hubs that impart short-term skill building training to youth who have had little education and are from low-income backgrounds. Yuvakendras train them in such areas as computer skills, information technology, business process outsourcing, healthcare, and retail services and customer relations. Eligible candidates are supported to secure through special recruitment drives and career fairs. Yuvakendras are also targeted at women from vulnerable communities and focus on career development training, digital literacy, and essential life skills including personality development, assessing strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, effective communication and motivation. The foundation also works to build entrepreneurial skills. As a part of this approach, women receive training and awareness on income generation opportunities and help to establish self-help groups.

Environment Conversation:

In cities, that HCL is present, HCL Foundation has a mandate to work towards behavioural change by working with people from all age groups to understand the importance of the conservation of ecosystem and take positive action.  Through mega plantation & cleanliness drives, waste management initiatives and behavioural change towards adopting clean energy solutions, HCL Foundation makes an attempt to contribute towards this larger cause.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

HCL Technologies Limited

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