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Healthcare Checkups


Organization : Sshrishti


Location : Delhi,Haryana


Project Description

Sshrishti fully appreciates the prerequisite of a healthy body for a healthy mind. Apart from its daily nutrition programme, Sshrishti facilitated regular immunization of the children through Max India Foundation. Total 300 children have been immunized for Hepatitis, MMR and typhoid. Dental, Eye and Medical check up of children were also carried out in all educational centres and workshops were held for the community to increase awareness on heath and hygiene related issues like :

  1. Eye Check-up
  2. Dental Check-up
  3. Immunization for MMR, Vit, De-worming 
  4. Immunization for Hepatitis B  1st Dose
  5. Immunization for Hepatities B 2nd  Dose
  6.  Immunization for Typhoid
  7. General Health Check Up
  8. Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Workshop

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Max India Foundation

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