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Women on Wheels


Organization : Azad Foundation


Location : Delhi,Karnataka,Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan,West Bengal


Project Description


Women on Wheels works with young women mostly aged 18-35, living in slums and resettlement colonies in cities, with meagre economic capital. Most of them are either out of work, or work in low paid professions traditionally assigned to women. Many trainees have dropped out of formal education prior to completing class 12; hence their employment choices are limited. Many have not been outside their neighbourhood and several live in abusive relationships.

Azad Foundation India women driver training Women on Wheels programme provides technical, self-empowerment and self-development training to fully equip women to become self-sustaining professional drivers. Once qualified, the women drivers are transferred over to our partner organisation Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt Ltd that provides employment opportunities in private chauffeur placements and Sakha Cabs for Women by Women.

The Women on Wheels programme empowers resource poor women to become professional drivers to enable them to gain remunerative ‘livelihoods with dignity’. The programme also enhances their awareness on rights and enables them to become independent and confident individuals in charge of their lives.

How is Azad Foundation doing WoW programme?

Upon a successful registration for the programme, women commence Azad’s learner-centred training programme, which takes between six to eight months depending on the individual pace of a trainee. Azad works with a range of government, business and non-governmental partners to offer the highest quality training.

In addition, the programme team assist the trainees to acquire citizenship document and accident insurance, open a bank account and obtain a uniform and mobile phone. If needed, foundation also engage family members to ensure women receive on-going support throughout their learning journey to complete the training. Women with very little means are also offered financial and other support.

The Women on Wheels programme started in 2008 in Delhi. Since then it has expanded to Jaipur, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Indore.

In 2015 436 women enrolled in Women on Wheels programmes across Kolkata, Indore, Jaipur and Delhi. Of these, 318 women acquired their learners licence with 229 achieving their permanent licences.

In 2016-17, 582 women enrolled in Women on Wheels programmes across India, with 322 women achieving their permanent license, which was a 41% increase on the previous year.

By preparing and placing women drivers as professional drivers, the Women on Wheels programme enables socially excluded female members of the society to move from the margins to mainstream economy. Through this process, foundation alters public perceptions about women’s participation in the booming public transportation sector and the role and status of women in society.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

Jan Vikas, Samman, Neeva Foundation

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