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ENLIGHT - The Girl Child Education project


Organization : Aide et Action


Location : Delhi,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Odisha,Tamil Nadu,Telangana,West Bengal


Project Description

The project ‘ENLIGHT’ envisions building a better future for girl children living in difficult circumstances through continued access to quality education. This is a collaborative effort of CAPGEMINI and AIDE ET ACTION (INDIA). The project is being implemented in ten cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Salem & Trichy) of India. In each city the project engages with girl children belonging to a specific multiply vulnerable social group. The project currently engages directly with a total of 1774 girl children. ‘Enlight’ is being implemented with support of NGO Partners (COMMITMENTS, DCCW, HAMARI MUSKAN & STREE MUKTI SANGATHAN) in the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai respectively, while is being directly implemented by Aide et Action India in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Salem and Trichy. The project would be soon launched in the cities of PUNE and BHUBANESHWAR to reach out to an additional number of 200 Children.


Statistics reveal that only 3 out of 10 girls who enter class 1 complete class 8. While enrollment rates have increased in past few years but still the dropout rates are alarmingly high! 45% of Girls drop out of school by Class 5th and about 75% of them drop out by class 8th. Socio-economic and cultural barriers play a key role in education of the girl children and these barriers multiply along with the nature of difficult circumstances the girl children had to survive in. A girl’s education not only provides knowledge, it gives them power and awareness over their own lives, which benefits all in the long run. Educated girls develop several skills, information and self-confidence which help her in becoming a better parent and citizen. Educating girls will help in population control, low infant mortality, reduce abuses, promote gender equality, and reduce exploitation and child marriages.

What ‘ENLIGHT’ does?

Enlight promotes collaborative actions amongst the girl children, Parents, Community Leaders, Teachers, relevant Government departments and the Employees of CAPGEMINI to strengthen, maximize and sustain the overall impact.

Target Group:

  • Bangalore: Girl Children from Muslim Community
  • Chennai: Girl Children from Adi dravida (Scheduled Caste)
  • Delhi: Girl Children of Migrant families settled in slums
  • Hyderabad: Girl Children with Disabilities
  • Kolkata: Girl Children of Women in prostitution
  • Mumbai: Girl Children of Waste - pickers
  • Salem: Girl Children infected/ affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Trichy: Girl children of Manual Scavengers

Key Objectives

  • Access and quality Primary education to children in difficult circumstances (especially girl child)
  • Strengthen Community based education governance (Effective functioning of schools)
  • Cognitive development of children via access to wider learning spaces through technology (ICT).
  • Instil better health & hygienic practices, protection and restoration of environment amongst children.

Key Focus Areas

  • Enhance competency levels and prepare children for higher education
  • Promoting community participation in school governance            
  • Enhancing capacities of Teachers and promoting innovative and inclusive pedagogy
  • Developing ICT skills amongst children thereby enabling them to access wider sphere of knowledge and learning
  • Building awareness on health & hygiene and encouraging ecological restoration

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Capgemini Technology Services INDIA Ltd.

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