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Organization : Human Capital For Third Sector


Location : Delhi,Karnataka,Maharashtra


Project Description


Katalyst aims to be a leader in this continual elevation and transformation of young women from low income communities to lead change in their professional and personal spheres of life. Katalyst provides an enabling environment to enhance the employability of girl students pursuing professional degrees. Katalyst does this through specific interventions such as skill development, providing mentors, assisting with internships and exposure to corporate life.

Set up in 2007 Katalyst is a not-for-profit programme under the aegis of Human Capital for Third Sector known by the brand Third Sector Partners (TSP). TSP is India’s first executive search firm for the social sector. Katalyst has its centers in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.


Investing in education is the most effective way of reducing poverty. And, investing in Secondary School Education yields high dividends. A recent McKinsey report (August 2015) quoted that only 4% of women in India reach senior managements level as against 11% in rest of Asia. Given that women account for more than 40% in India and approximately 50% of potential talent world over, Katalyst have made it focus to enhance the employability of girl students who come from lower income communities.

These “Katalysts” will then catalyze positive change and influence society creating a ripple effect and leading to economic and social empowerment.


  • To enhance employability of the girl students thereby marking their foot prints in the managerial cadre of India Inc.
  • To encourage and empower talented girls to take on roles of leadership and innovation and participate in the process of community building.
  • To increase the management bandwidth of corporate India through the talent pool thus created, giving India Inc. access to an untapped talent base.
  • To raise their capacity to command a higher annual salary.


  • Girl students pursuing professional degrees like Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and Chartered Accountants preferably from colleges of repute.
  • Prospective students should have a good academic track record
  • Family income of less than Rs. 2 lakhs per year.
  • Katalyst achieves its objectives through various program interventions given below through the undergraduate degree or professional course years of its beneficiaries.


Short Term

  • The training organized in the first two years of joining the program, helps the students with certain skills like English Communication Time Management and Goal setting which is spread over 120 hours per year
  • The students can avail of the laptops within three months of joining the program, thus have access to technology 24X7. The organisation pays Rs 20,000 upfront and the student co pays the balance amount based on the configuration the students need.
  • One on mentoring by professional individuals as mentors, help the Katalysyt students to increase their general awareness and confidence levels.
  • Industry Visits twice a year gives exposure to various industries.
  • Financial Payouts twice a year takes care of the students’ immediate educational needs.
  • Medical Insurance for the mother and the students takes care of any health issues for the mothers and the students.

Long Term

  • The 512 hours of training conducted over four years of program get the Katalyst students’ work force ready and can get better job opportunities through campus placements with higher salary band. The average starting salary of the Katalyst students is Rs 5 lacs as against their average family income which is Rs 1lac per annum.
  • Access to laptop 24 X 7 help the students in their project work and research.
  • Medical Insurance is a sense of security in case of any health issues.
  • Mentoring over four years, the mentors give the students required inputs and guidance for campus placements.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

J P Morgan Chase, Citibank, HSBC, Schindler India Pvt Ltd, Bharat Forge, Goldman Sachs, Siemens and Symantec

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