NISHANT (Nurturing Initiative for Smallholders with Agriculture and Technology)-Delhi,Maharashtra,Odisha- CSR Projects India

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NISHANT (Nurturing Initiative for Smallholders with Agriculture and Technology)


Organization : International Development Enterprises India (IDEI)


Location : Delhi,Maharashtra,Odisha


Project Description

Vision of this project is to ensure better nutritional intake & build food security for poor by promoting Family Nutrition Kit (to irrigate small area of 20-40 sqm) coupled with low cost Greenhouse. Information & agriculture kit is included. Farmers will grow vegetables for self & sell surplus & generate income.

 IDEI promoted Family Nutrition Kit (FNK) with low cost green house for irrigation to farmers especially women & indigenous people. Knowledge & training on its use was imparted. Empowering women with technology & information is the most reliable way of sustained enhanced nutritional status for family. With this comprehensive package nutritional status of user farmers were expected to change positively lead to building food security. Technology has three things: - FNK Technology: kit; laterals & plastic bag that is set up on the farm - Low Cost Green House: made with local material; unique design (by IDEI) to harness maximum green house effect - Agriculture & Information Manual: information on using green house etc.

 Impact: 1,400 households (7500 people) have adopted IDEI promoted FNK & cultivating about 44 vegetable plants in one go & eating nutritious diet. Extra crop is sold in market. IDEI developed affordable Green House is in prototype stage. A high value crop was cultivated in green house & a control plot established. Geographical location does not offer suitable climatic conditions for this crop cultivation. All parameters including irrigation method were kept constant. Results show that within green house the crop was cultivated while the control crop reported very slow growth & yield in green house was five times more than the control. Seeing high impact & the potential IDEI proposes to promote affordable green house with FNK. This will enable even landless farmers own irrigation technology, increase productivity, enjoy nutritious diet & overcome poverty by making money by selling surplus crop.

 Impact Story: Vandana, landless woman of a small village of Maharashtra was always worried about her son's health who was prone to infections. Doctor advised her to increase daily intake of fresh vegetables in his diet. Soaring prices of vegetables & her negligible income made it a dream but she was not defeated. With hope to find a solution, she heard an IDEI person talk about FNK at an anganwadi meeting. Vandana was happy to hear talk on importance of vegetables in daily diet in the meeting. She discussed with her husband & they installed FNK in front yard. Daily one bucket water & FNK made it a treasury of different green fresh vegetables. Within two months family was enjoying nutritious diet & selling surplus. She says the magic of FNK brings health.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Dorabji TATA Trust, The Lemelson Foundation, ClimateCare, IFAD, Skoll Foundation, Despande Foundation

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