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Education on Wheels


Organization : Rehab India Foundation


Location : Delhi


Project Description

Education on Wheels is a flagship project of Rehab India Foundation started with the aim of fulfilling Target 4.2 of Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 in providing quality education to the kids by lending strong support to gender equality and sustainable development. The Education on Wheels project was implemented in two slums of Delhi, which are Dhobi Ghat and Okhla Vihar. The project is run on an E-rickshaw installed with an LCD TV to display the audio-visual lectures in the slum area. The mobility of the e-rickshaw makes the project easy go and appeals to the community kids. The lectures are run for 5 days a week with a designed curriculum and is played for 2 hours per day.


  1. Literacy numeracy among the community kids.
  2. Promote the idea of play-way methodology in the community.
  3. To prepare kids for formal education.
  4. To motivate children for elementary education


  1. Running the rickshaw 5 times a week.
  2. The audio-visuals will consist number of videos regarding pre-primary and primary curriculum.
  3. Facilitating kids with filling school forms.


  1. 1. Increase in the Literacy numeracy among community kids.
  2. 2. Increase in % of community children between age group 3-12 years enrolled in formal schools.


Project Methodology

Before making an intervention following steps will be undertaken:

  • Need Based Assessment: A Need Based Assessment study will be conducted to collect data on the target group to assess the current learning level, frame a context based capsule design which can be later used as a reference.
  • ASER Test: An ASER test will be conducted to mark the learning levels of the community kids for further categorization into the capsules.
  • Capacity Building: In order to run the program efficiently, our team will conduct some capacity building exercises to train the teachers and the staff.
  • Capsule Implementation: The designed capsule will be implemented at three levels with 3months’ duration for each.


The programme has been running in the Okhla Vihar and Dhobi Ghat Community, Delhi. Since 2017, the project has so far directly benefitted more than 150 children between the age group of 3-14 years.


Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

  • Eco-Friendly: The e-rickshaw model runs on battery, thus reducing the consumption of fuels leading to a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Mobility: The e-rickshaw can be taken to any nook and corner of the community due to its super concise size and mobility.
  • Audio-Visuals: The LCD TV installed in the e-rickshaw appeals to the kids in the community as they are attracted to the idea of television which they can’t access in their regular lives.
  • Participative curriculum: The curriculum is designed after considering the learning level of kids’ in the community, thus, making it easy to understand and relate to.
  • Dialogic: The audio-video series are meant to be dialogic as it provokes cognitive thinking among the kids which helps them to raise questions and seek answers from their instructor.

Project Donors and Partners

Individual Donors and CSR grants

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