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Teacher Training Programme


Organization : Peepul


Location : Delhi


Project Description

Recognising that schools are centres of excellence and innovation but that the real challenge is the lack of government capacity and teacher readiness, a teacher training programme was piloted in 2017 to provide in-service training to government teachers. Following success, an in-service teacher training programme was initiated in partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation at our flagship school in Lajpat Nagar III. Through this project Peepul aims to operate beyond the Exemplar schools to share teacher training practices that work and influence the wider education ecosystem. In partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, we have provided in-service training and coaching for 600+ teachers from 200+ schools in the last 2 years. Currently, we are focused towards mentoring and training 1200 government teachers across 200+ schools in South Delhi.

This model is a first-of-its-kind approach in Delhi and aims to develop the current cohort of government teachers while also addressing the government teacher shortage by improving retention rates. This will serve as a proof-of- concept for hands-on, practical training in innovative teaching methods which can be rolled out across India and be a catalyst for change and improvement.

Impact: Teachers have demonstrated evidence of implementation of the techniques and usage of the new methods to improve their classrooms.

  • 77% Teachers fulfilled the lesson objective that she intended to
  • 72% Teachers appeared to have planned her lesson well
  • 95% Teachers used some classrooms management techniques
  • 69% Teachers showed a shift in mindset on how students learn
  • 73% Teachers had almost 88% students engaged and on task
  • 96% Teachers felt the training was relevant to their classroom practices
  • 99% Teachers said they learnt new teachniques in the training
  • 97% Teachers found the sessions engaging and well planned

Through this program, we aim to train 2800 SDMC teachers, impacting over 1,12,000 children. We will also set up four SDMC-Peepul training/resource centres set up in locations across Delhi. By September 2024, a cohort of 48 Master Trainers will be prepared to take charge of these Resource Centres. This is in line with our mission to build the government education system’s capability to ensure every child receives a good quality education. Through this approach, we will institutionalise the culture of high-quality training sessions in the system so that the impact sustains.


Project Type : Others


Special Features of Project

  • We focus on providing blended training sessions to teachers to share teaching techniques and pedagogical tools, with follow-up coaching in schools for teachers and school leaders.
  • Review and reflection sessions are also held to help integrate the learning
  • We create cross-learning spaces like Professional Learning Circles to build stronger teacher peer-learning networks where teachers can share their best practices
  • Sustainable- we also train SDMC teachers to be SDMC Master Trainers who will act as resource persons.
  • We provide customized teaching-learning material (Toolkits) and classroom management resources to support classroom teaching.

Project Donors and Partners

Maitri foundation, SDMC

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