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Tailoring & Beautician Program


Organization : Vedanta Foundation


Location : Goa,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Odisha,Tamil Nadu,West Bengal


Project Description

Vedanta Foundation through its project Vedanta Sakhi aims to facilitate the critical concern of livelihood among the deprived women population in the country.

Nationwide network of centres extends support to the livelihood skill seeking women. The objective of these centres is to empower the women population especially from the deprived backgrounds with effective professional skills leading to appropriate livelihood opportunities.

These centres provide appropriate skill development training programmes in the high demand services such as Tailoring and Beautician. Both the services are not only high in demand but also offer time flexibility on one hand and the option to operate out of home on the other , most suitable for the support seeking women population.

The courses offered in Tailoring & Beautician, typically range anywhere between 3 – 6 months, providing the students adequate knowledge to facilitate livelihood opportunities at the end of the training programme.

Technically sound trainers help and motivate the students to understand the smallest but critical technical knowhow of the desired skill development programme. The students are also provided tips on kick starting their livelihood through self employment opportunities.

Vedanta Foundation aims to support the cause of livelihood among the needy women population of the country by empowering them with skills offering livelihood opportunities.

The Foundation has aptly setup Sakhi training centres across the country to reach out to the needy women seeking a platform for developing skills offering them to livelihood opportunities. The Sakhi centres offers training in skills such as Tailoring, & Beautician keeping in mind the weak education background of the targeted women. The Sakhi centres are professionally run in terms of its operations and the course delivery. The students of the Sakhi centres undergo a rigorous skill training on the above mentioned skills for a period of anywhere between 3 months to 1 year based on the level of skill course/program enrolled for. The students undergo an examination at the end of the scheduled training and are awarded a Certificate based on the evaluation on successful completion of the training.

The Foundation boasts of empowering and providing livelihood opportunities to more than 1 Lac women across the country since the project inception.

The Foundation boasts of empowering and providing livelihood opportunities to more than 1 Lac women across the country since the project inception.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Vedanta Resources Plc.

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