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Global Dream


Organization : DEVI SANSTHAN


Location : Gujarat,Haryana,Karnataka,Maharashtra,Punjab,Telangana,Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal


Project Description

The Global Dream project uses a unique curriculum and pedagogy where the instructor helps the learner build on her existing knowledge about words and numbers to learn about abstract concepts of literacy and numeracy. It has been developed through 14 years of international research and experimentation that saw participation from thousands of students. The Global Dream toolkit costs only rupees 50 and the cost per learner can be made zero to near-zero using different modes. The toolkit has been piloted in different settings (Inside the classroom, Literacy Labs in schools and communities, office, home, etc) with different profiles of teaching instructors (school teachers, school/college students, community members, etc) and teaching-learning materials (printed toolkit, projector and screen, mobile application).


The results of the pilots have shown dramatic improvement in literacy levels of the learners at zero or near-zero cost per learner. For example, a pilot project in 5 government schools of Hamirpur district lead to a 12 times improvement in literacy levels of Class 1 students and 3.33 times improvement for class 2 students with students attending 37 teaching days on average. In another pilot, 155 BTC students of DIET Lucknow were trained to use Global Dream Toolkit to teach 3871 children of ages 6-10 in 81 government schools of Lucknow district during the internship period of around 10 weeks. The average score of students in the pre-test was 45% which increased to 88% in the post-test.


The Global Dream Project has 5 focus areas:


1. Government Partnerships

  • Large-scale Teacher training in Global Dream curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Training of DIET trainee teachers and internship project
  • Out of School Children projects and developing their foundational literacy and numeracy quickly
  • Technical support to governments for large scale people-lead literacy campaigns


2. Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Each One Teach One campaign and summer assignments
  • Volunteer for social cause and curricular integration through SUPW
  • Literacy Labs in schools and local communities
  • Training and recognition of teaching volunteers


3. Corporations, NGOs and Bilateral/Multilateral Organizations

  • Implementation of CSR and other educational projects
  • Training and recognition of corporate/NGO employees to become teaching volunteers
  • Literacy labs in offices and local communities


4. Digital Initiatives

  • Mobile Application as a digital version of the Global Dream toolkit is being developed and can be used by volunteers to teach. It can also be used to register as volunteers, match with learners and share experiences
  • Digital Content Creation including videos of volunteers and learners using Global dream toolkits, documenting inspirational stories and teaching techniques


5. Research, advocacy and campaigns

  • One World Literacy Campaign: This global campaign is being launched on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021 to spread awareness about Literacy and inviting all members of society to take action in removing illiteracy from the world. Campaigners will commit 1 hour to the 'Name Literacy Challenge' to teach at least 1 illiterate person to read, write and sign their name and share their experience through a video or image. Volunteers will also be encouraged to go beyond and complete the 'Foundational Literacy Challenge' in 30 hours and make a person completely literate and numerate at the foundational level. On completion and verification of the challenges, the volunteer will be recognized with a digital badge.
  • Book: The data and insights from Global Dream’s work is being documented in the form of a book and research reports for wider dissemination in the public
  • Conference on Foundational Literacy: An online conference is also being planned on the theme of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy that will see participation from leaders from education and related fields across the world. Fellowships and Awards will also be given to educators whose ideas have or can make a positive impact in their communities

Project Type : Others


Special Features of Project

  • Effective and Time-bound: The most important advantage of Global Dream Literacy is speed. This is at least 10 times faster than the existing best projects available. Anyone who is literate can teach Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. Sessions are often just 15 minutes long. Existing other projects require multiple months and fixed location of a school or 2-hour sessions over 6 months in adult literacy. Using the Global Dream curriculum and pedagogy, an illiterate child or person can start to read simple 2 letter words within the first 15-minute long session and can achieve foundational literacy and numeracy skills within 30 hours.
  • Zero and Near-Zero Cost: The 50 rupee toolkit can be used to teach multiple learners reducing the cost per learner to near zero. With a mobile application, it will be possible to teach One or a Million at zero cost.
  • Evidence-Based: Each toolkit is equipped with pre and post-tests that help both evaluate progress. 
  • Replicable and Scalable: The Toolkit is available in 12 Indian languages and English, and can be replicated in any other language. 

Project Donors and Partners

SBI LIFE, City International School, DEVI Sansthan, Individual Donors, Target Plus Education,Global Classroom, Uttar Pradesh Government, Magic Bus, Pratham Mumbai, TFI Mumbai

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