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Public Health & Highway Trauma Care


Organization : Axis Bank Foundation


Location : Gujarat,Maharashtra,Rajasthan


Project Description

ABF's support to Lifeline Foundation on highway trauma and first aid emergency care was started in 2004, even before the formation of Axis Bank Foundation. This program has remained one of the key partnerships over the years spreading across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Lifeline Foundation is credited with pioneering Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in many states of India by establishing pre-hospital trauma care for Road Traffic Accidents. Their services have been recognized not only in India but also adopted across the world. Today, LLF is the 3rd biggest Emergency Medical Services Provider in the country after Emergency Management & Research Institute (EMRI) and Ziqitsa Healthcare Limited (ZHL). Besides pioneering the Highway Rescue Project, Lifeline also works in the areas of medical care for marginalized (Medical Appliances Bank), medical preparedness and disaster risk reduction, policy advocacy at government level, training in Emergency Care and good governance for non-profits.

With the Foundation's steady support, LLF will continue to ensure highway accident management and evacuation of accident victims to nearest care centres on more than 3,420kms of four-laned highways in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. This programme will continue till the time a government aided and monitored system is put in place for a centralized (state wise) mechanism to address highway accident relief. Training will continue to be given to law enforcement agencies like highway patrol and crime branch, state police officers, NHAI personnel, Village Task Force (VTF) and those who are involved in the transport and manufacturing of hazardous materials and items as they are the people who are the first point of contact in case of highway accidents.

Responding to a long felt need to have a scientific journal addressing issues and developments related to Asian EMS, LLF has taken upon itself the onus of publishing the official Asian EMS Journal. Intended to publish original and scientifically researched articles of international standard and quality, the Journal will soon be available in print and e-version and this will also be supported by Axis Bank Foundation.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Lifeline Foundation

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